Back in the Groove

Wow, I don’t know about you, but the holidays took me out.  Don’t get my wrong, it’s, by far, my favorite time of year, but in the wake of it, I’m flat out pooped.  Tomorrow, I begin my road back to normalcy, but before I do, I thought I’d take a trek down an all too familiar path…the dreaded and mostly unattainable New Year’s resolutions.

To create a true list would require me to sit down and reflect, which, quite frankly, takes time.  With three kids under 5 and several part-time unpaid career paths that add up to more than one full time gig, I have no time for self actualization.  So I’ll just take a moment and throw out a few things I’m like to accomplish this year.

1) Help put AT LEAST ONE Representative in Office who represents my beliefs.  Currently, there are none.  Of course, I’d love to get in 4, Steve Whisler, Augie (yes, it’s just Augie now), Al Nalley, and Bob Ehrlich, but believe I’ll settle for one…any of them will do.

2) Write at least one op-ed (AKA rant) a week.  I’ve noticed in the past month or so, I’ve been slacking in the sarcastic tirade’s department.  Without an outlet, my pent up frustration will inevitably filter down to my unsuspecting husband and my potato masher.  Believe me, he prefers I let it out here.

3) Attend at least one rally this year.  Can I just say how hard it is for me to post all of these protests and rallys to the blog knowing I can’t attend.  So, my goal is to pick one, find a babysitter, and go.  Any suggestions as to which one I should choose?  There are just so many.

4) Find someone who loves kids and would like to watch mine for free so I can gallivant around to events, such as Happy Hour, fundraisers, kick-offs, and Target (oops, did I shamelessly throw in something apolitical?).

5) Convince at least 2 (maybe 3) young mom’s to crossover into the wonderful world of local politics.  I’m telling you, what goes on in the County Council and the State Legislature affect our day to day lives more than anything done on the National Level (at least for now).

Well, there they are, 5 New Year’s Desires.  I’m not going to call them Resolutions, because they aren’t that thought out, but if anyone would ask me why I chose to dive into the muck that is politics, I’d list the five things above.  Of course I’d reword the babysitting one and say something like, “To spend some time with grown ups.”

What’s on your “Desire” List for 2010?


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