I Had My Turn, Now It’s Yours

Let’s just say I’m on a polling kick.  Only my polls aren’t written in such a way as to skew the results to what I wanted them to be in the first place.  Of course we don’t know any pollsters who do that, do we?
Regardless, I told you my top 5 desires for 2010, now it’s your turn to give me a little feedback.  So if you would be so kind as to answer 5 little questions for me, that would be great.  Now, I tend to set fairly high and lofty goals, which is why I don’t do resolutions.  But in this case, I am willing to make an exception.  My goal is to receive at least 30 responses to this poll/survey.  This is going to require some leg work for the usual suspects; you’ll have to repost this on your facebook and invite you friends to answer as well.  You got that?  Good, here we go.

1) What will you do to help get AT LEAST ONE Republican candidate elected in 2010?

2) When it comes to this blog, what would you like to see more of? Less of? Not at all? Or see that you haven’t seen before?

3) What events/rallies are looking forward to attending this year? (And if you’re not attending any, are you willing to watch my kids so I can? Just thought I’d throw that in there)

4) What events would you like to see the PVRC put together in 2010?  And are you coming to the Super Duper, Major Mixer Happy Hour this Friday night?

5) Tell me one of your 2010 Desires (or you can use the word Resolution if you’d like). Now tell me your plan for success.
See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?  Remember that my goal is to get 30 responses, so help me get them by inviting a couple…hundred of your friends to participate.  Thanks!


One Response to I Had My Turn, Now It’s Yours

  1. David says:

    1) Declare my own candidacy and support the candidates I feel will represent the ‘will of the people’, not the ‘will’ of the office holder.

    2) you’re doing good work…don’t invite distraction.

    3) Major Tea party in Sept 2010 in DC, otherwise, working on putting together my kick-off, save the date Feb 20th.

    4) PVRC’s focus in this campaign year, should largely be focused on supporting individual campaign efforts and support, with a few exceptions, 4th of July, Patriot Day and Catonsville Arts Festival. As for Friday, I had all intentions in joining, however 2009, (thank goodness it’s over) closed with another close family member passing, so I’ll be out of town.

    5) I resolve to tirelessly ‘work’ toward gaining support of my candidacy for Delegate in District 12A. In doing so it is my hope to garner participation in the process and find the next ‘infectious politi-nerd’ to help spread the word.

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