The Sweetest Vengeance

It’s no surprise that a hardcore conservative, Republican such as myself doesn’t like Martin O’Malley as my Governor, but normally I at least try to respect my elders and the positions they hold.  I still have a great deal of respect for the office of Governor, Martin O’Malley, himself however, not so much.

Hillary, why so vehement?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Even after he broke his first campaign promise and implemented the highest tax increase in Maryland history, I was willing to remain cordial in his presence (AKA not boo).  Granted, it’s not like I get many opportunities to be in the same vicinity as the Governor.  However, last July at the Independence Day Parade in Catonsville, I got my shot.  As I stood there with the PVRC, waiting our turn to walk, O’Malley’s motor brigade passed by us.  Now I could be wrong, but I heard no rude remarks and saw no displays of disrespect.  At least not from us.  O’Malley, on the other hand, displayed nothing but immaturity and arrogance.   I vividly remember my jaw dropping as he withdrew his hand and shouted something to the affect of, “Yeah right, like you guys care.”   Honestly, I don’t remember the exact words (probably because I was in complete and utter shock, but I knew, without a doubt, it was inappropriate and childish.  In that moment, I lost respect for the man and not just his politics.

So when I read this article by Blair Lee on George Owings Democratic bid for Governor, I leapt with glee.  “Owings is a 64-year-old, pro-business, anti-abortion, anti-gun control, pro-death penalty, anti-tax, conservative Episcopalian. O’Malley is a 47-year-old, pro-labor, pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-death penalty, tax-and-spend, liberal Catholic,” Lee writes.   I’m feeling an evil yet playful grin fill my face as I type, much like that of the Grinch when he gets his idea to steal Christmas.   How much fun would it be to watch him squirm?  Of course, Owings has no shot of winning the nomination, and if he did, it would be bad news for us considering he’s a conservative Democrat.  But to watch O’Malley constantly swat at that annoying “fly” through out the primary and then lose to Ehrlich in the election?  It would just be the sweetest vengeance.  (insert same evil grin while rubbing hands and glancing slightly upwards) Are you with me, or are you with me?

In the meantime, don’t forget to send O’Malley a clear and poignant message on 1/13.  Literally, get on the bus and let’s go raise some hell (respectfully and peacefully of course).  If you can’t make it, consider making a few phone calls or sending a few emails on that day.   It’s important that we send the message that we are bigger than a fly.  In fact, we’re more like a thorn in the side, and we’re not going away until we get our way…a more conservative, balanced, purple (mix in the red with the blue) Maryland.


14 Responses to The Sweetest Vengeance

  1. Hillary – I’m looking forward to an O’Malley-Ehrlich re-match too.

    Ehrlich’s campaign war chest will empty when contributors learn how he and Michael Steele stealthily paid $417,000 of their donors’ money to a friend of Michael Steele who was not in any kind of campaign business in the final weeks of their last campaign.

    What will conservatives activists and tea partyers do when their core principles crash into Bob Ehrlich’s actual record of taxing and spending over his four-year term? Ehrlich raised taxes nearly as high as O’Malley did, and he vastly outspent not just O’Malley, but also Glendening and Schaefer. Conservatives and tea partyers support Bob Ehrlich at the expense of their own credibility.

    And no voter of any stripe would approve of his corruption:

    Bob Ehrlich & Michael Steele’s Widening Airport Scandal

    Ehrlich/Steele $2.2 Million No-Bid Contract to Convicted Felon Alan Fabian

    – Steve Lebowitz, Annapolis

    • hills4neil says:

      Oh Steve, Thanks for stopping by. I have to say that I’ve done a little research myself, but instead of reading your sources (mostly comprised of news articles and blog sites), I decided to research you. You’ve managed to form quite a reputation for yourself. Where did you get the nick name, “Liebowitz?” Just wondering.

      I have to tell you a story. I hate the color PINK, loathe it. In fact, in college, I made such a big deal out of how much I hated pink, that my friends would constantly rag on me for it. One time, my mom filled my entire Christmas stocking with pink items. For my bachelorette party, my bridesmaids forced me to wear a hideous pink veil and hold an even more hideous bouquet of all pink flowers. Let’s just say that if I were to start to tolerate, possibly even like, the color pink, I could never admit it. In other words, Mr. Lebowitz, “thou doth protest too much.” Just an observation.

      As to your claims, I will be researching them, and you better hope you have your facts straight, because I do not tolerate lies on this blog. I’ve visited your Justdafacts blog, and really, you should consider renaming it, Don’t pretend to be something you are not.

      Come back anytime.

  2. justdafacts says:

    Hillary –

    My name is attached to my comments and I stand by them. Please scrutinize every word I’ve written on Daily Kos and elsewhere as thoroughly as you can, because if you can prove anything I’ve said is untrue, I’ll happily post a retraction.

    If you cannot, I hope you will own up to the fact that Bob Ehrlich and Michael Steele ran Maryland’s most corrupt administration since our last Republican governor, Spiro Agnew. I very carefully back up everything I say with publiclly available documents, and to enhance credibility when I criticize Republicans I reference conservative slanted media whenever possible.

    Plainly spoken, I do not lie, and straight shooting bloggers on the right will affirm that. I don’t appreciate your saying otherwise without proof, so I hope you’ll apologize if you can’t support your statement.

    In my 44 years being named Steve Lebowitz, I’ve never been aware of anyone calling me “LIE-bowitz” with any suggestion that I’m untruthful. Liebowitz is a common alternate spelling for my family name, so you’re probably reading something not there into someone using that spelling by mistake.

    Thanks for allowing me to post on your blog.

    – Steve Lebowitz, Annapolis

    • hills4neil says:


      Like I said, I did a little research on you, as I do on any commenter who seeks to post on this blog. I don’t run or hide from those who disagree with me. Many people on various blogs have referred to you as Liebowitz, capitalizing the LIE. Maybe it’s a misspelling, but given the emphasis, I’d assume not. That being said, I did not call you a liar. I simply asked where the nick name came from. I will say, however, that you are liberal blogger, not a fact checker. It’s your purpose to convince people that conservatives are wrong and you are right. I have not had the opportunity to research the accusations you’ve brought forth, but I will when I find the time. Being that I am a stay at home mom with three kids under 5, while at the same time engaged in the Whisler campaign, time is quite limited.

      I find it interesting that you only accuse the Republicans, so are the Democrats so righteous? Is that what you really believe? Why not post some facts on that? Why not prove to me that Maryland made the right choice in 2006? Prove to me that Democrats have done right by the citizens of this great state. Show me those facts.

  3. David says:

    Time to chime…Mr. Lebowitz, you are obviously an educated man, and I appreciate that you It seems that you are respectful, a bit misdirected in my opinion but respectful, thanks for that.

    It does seem however, you are insinuating that ‘corruption’ or the ‘appearance of’ falls squarely on those whom you see through your “blue tinged” glasses, namely the Republican Party.

    I am not totally versed on the particular references you’ve made, I will tell you that the implication that Republicans are the most ‘corrupt’ is ludicrous. What was the outcome of the corruption you’ve mentioned in your post? just curious.

    While I didn’t take the time to do the research, I will trust that you can fill us in, while you are at it look up the following too…

    (since we’re not too interested in details, I’ll even go a bit obscure…:))

    Edward St. John
    Ulysses Currie
    Thomas L. Bromwell

    And the recent, (not so obscure)

    Sheila Dixon
    Ken Oliver

    this list could go on for a while, so I’ll stop, you get the point though, right?

    I would offer the following opinion(s),

    There are way too many instances of corruption to call out just the ones you think are responsible for the ‘State of the State’…we can agree to disagree on that point.

    After 150+ years of the General Dis-Assembly under the control of the ‘other’ party it is an opportunity for an opposing force to bring about ‘balance’ in the State Legislative Body. This is ‘our’ albatross…I’ll admit this…This is our opportunity, we squander it, it’s our fault.

    As for the State Executive, Gov. O’Malley, he has always seemed more concerned with his next steps, not the State of Maryland, heck, ever since he entered politics he’s been preparing his next steps. He made one wrong move, he backed the wrong horse, Hillary. That miscalculation cost him, he’s now had to re-align himself with the Obama administration, and I believe thats killing his ego. Obama has done what he wanted to do…in a shorter period of time..DRAT.

    We [conservatives & independents] owe Obama a debt of gratitude…yes I said it… the pace at which he fundamentally tries to “CHANGE” the fabric by which this country was built, he (they) have elevated the level of interest by the public TEN FOLD, all parties represented. They’re encouraged to pay particular attention as to whom is representing them and the issues these levels have not been seen in quite some time if ever. Double DRAT, President Obama does it again, not only are they ‘pissed’ at the US Govt, the trickle down affects all levels of Government. However, like expected, our Gov seems in lock step with President Obama, as though Hillary never existed.

    Final thought…Ehrlich hasn’t even announced yet, if at all…but he’s apparently under the skin of a lot of folks….good, bad…who knows.

    2010 if anything will give you much to comment in this and many other BLOGs…

    I look forward to having further discussions Mr. Lebowitz or may I call you Steve?

    Dave Aughenbaugh

    You can call me Augie!

  4. Please call me Steve, Auggie. I’ve enjoyed gaining your acquaintance through your posts.

    I hope and expect that Bob Ehrlich will run, but whether he runs himself or Ehrlich-lite, runs in his place, Ehrlich’s voters will be confronted with their candidate’s hard, factual record of taxing and spending and corruption, and it won’t be pretty. Tea Partyers hate taxes, and they’re not too keen on corruption:

    Bob Ehrlich & Michael Steele’s Widening Airport Scandal

    Ehrlich / Steele $2.2 Million No-Bid Contract to Convicted Felon Alan Fabian

    Martin O’Malley is running for governor, not Sheila Dixon, Sen. Currie or Councilman Oliver, and his record has nothing even remotely resembling what I’ve blogged and what has been reported in mainstream media about Bob Ehrlich and Michael Steele. Maryland Republican candidates are going to have to deal with that this year.

    There will be plenty of time to debate fiscal policy, job creation, healthcare, etc. but as a Maryland GOP stakeholder, first you ought to think through the mess none other than Bob Ehrlich has put you in.

    – Steve

    PS – I believe one of the names you mentioned belongs to your team, not mine.

    • hills4neil says:


      It seems that Mr. St. John actually gave money to both teams, and possibly illegally. Who knows who he actually supported? Or who knew about what? Many developers and businesses in general give money to both sides. Just check the campaign finance reports. I’m new to all of this, but I would assume they do it because they think that regardless of who wins, they can “buy” their support. It’s up to the individual politician to maintain his/her integrity and represent the people he/she was elected to represent.

      However, that being said, you still have yet to defend or make a case for your side of the aisle. I have lived in Maryland for 6 years, not a long time, but long enough to know that I was paying less taxes under Ehrlich. Granted, I didn’t really start paying attention to local politics until O’Malley decided to implement one of Maryland’s, if not the, largest tax increases in history, even though he promised not to. And guess what, a year later, he’s complaining that there’s still not enough money. So tell me, Mr. Watchdog, where did my money go? Because there’s certainly more coming out, but they can’t seem to find it. In fact, they’re so far in the hole, they’re desperate, requiring furloughs of state employees, cutting programs especially in the medical field (total case, by the way, for Govt-run healthcare), and whining that it’s all the economy’s fault. Everyone knows that the second the election is over, they’ll be raising taxes again. We’re not stupid.

      Again, I ask you: why don’t you tell me why I should vote for O’Malley, instead of why I shouldn’t vote for Ehrlich? OR is it that you have to focus on the same points over and over again on Ehrlich, because if you really focus on O’Malley, there wouldn’t many good things to say? And that is just the facts, right?

  5. David says:

    I inserted purposefully, to show that we are NOT alone in the tax, spend and corruption rings.
    I suppose that if everyone were to spend as much time as you and a few others do in selecting and voting there would no doubt be a much more ‘balanced’ and might I add ‘productive’ legislature and legislator(s)

    As for Governor, 2010 is a pivotal placement, as important to the Republicans (and in my opinion everyone) as it’s been in the history of our state. What are our chances, still trying to figure that out. But regardless, Martin as the incumbent and as the favorite will have his hands full from both sides of the aisle.

  6. David says:

    Maybe the Governor is closer to DC that I think he is…or at least he’ll no doubt be a selection, your thoughts Steve.

  7. Hillary – For a self-described neophyte you bring some sharp skills to the debate, but I’ve been playing too long to fall for ‘chage the topic when you’re losing the argument’ maneuver.

    I’ll be glad to discuss Gov. O’Malley’s accomplishments–I do it all the time–right after you respond to my original comment on Ehrlich’s record of taxing and spending and corruption, as you said you would. It’s not just a game. Voters need to know that if they’re thinking of returning Bob Ehrlich, or Ehrlich-lite, Larry Hogan, to office, he will be re-opening the government candy store so he can once again give free milkshakes to all his friends at taxpayers’ expense, destroying legitimate long standing small business in the process.

    Augie – Same to you, except I’ll offer you and other O’Malley opponents are barking up the wrong tree with this presidential appointments stuff. Martin O’Malley has participated in every presidential campaign since 1984. That’s what he does. He has picked winners and losers over those years, but he has never sought a presidential appointment. What makes you think he was after any such thing in 2008?

    Now back to the important business at hand….Please read my Daily Kos posts. If you can’t refute them, then please acknowlege that Bob Ehrlich has serious baggage in the corruption department.

    – Lebowitz

    • hills4neil says:


      Thanks for the compliment…I think! I’ll attribute that to my Dad. I think he would have been quite proud if he could see me today.

      Now, on to your accusations. Just as you can not prove anything, I have to concede that I can not debunk anything. See, you provided me with two sources for your accusations, a lone I-team investigative article dated nearly a year ago, and a blog entry. As a blogger, I do not consider myself an expert authority on all things politics. I am an everyday person, knowledgeable and educated, yes, but far from a source. And neither is your blog source.

      As I’ve said before, I don’t have the time to delve into such a petty and ridiculous accusation. And whether or not there may be some shred of truth, who knows? Were you there? Do you Governor Ehrlich personally? What about Mr. Steele? Were you an insider on their dealings?

      In a quick search, I found the exact same references plus your blog of course. You would think that something this HUGE would warrant, I don’t know, a little more coverage. I would think, in a one party state such as this, that every media source out there would cover it. Now, in the I-team investigative report, they mentioned that the FBI was investigating. So in a year, what have they found? Was the Governor indicted and I somehow missed that? Hmmm!

      If you come on my blog and make accusations such as this, it’s not my job to refute them. It’s your job to prove your case, and in the court of Hillary, I find that you have yet to come close. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, right?. In fact, if you were a lawyer preparing for trial, you’d be laughed out of the courtroom.

      I know you had to rush off last night and unfortunately missed the gathering, but I can tell you that it was far from contrived. I rode down on a bus with 49 other people, some of which (and I don’t mean 1 or 2) were Democrats and Independents just as ticked off as I am. They’re not switching parties any time soon, but they do want to send a message to the Sea of Blue…We need balance. Here’s to a Purple Maryland.

      If you wish to debate O’Malley and Ehrlich on this blog, I’m happy to oblige, but you have to do better than that. Spewing your rhetoric will get you no where, and let’s be honest, debate rarely, if ever, changes anyone’s mind. So, what’s your real purpose in coming here?

  8. justdafacts says:

    Hillary –

    Why do I comment here? Because this is the best Republican blog in the state. It’s well written and frequently updated with thoughtful original content. I read conservative blogs because I value opposing perspectives and I enjoy debating politics and policy.

    Having said that, let me say this: You can try to close your eyes to Bob Ehrlich’s corruption as I carefully presented above with links confirming everything I say, but whether he runs or Larry Hogan runs, the truth will come out.

    In the final weeks of their last campaign, Bob Ehrlich & Michael Steele paid $417,000 from their donors’ contributions–money that didn’t belong to them–to a defunct company owned by Michael Steele’s friend, Sandy Roberts, who never claimed to be in any kind of campaign services or political business. The payments were hidden in 28 separate transactions from 4 different state and federal committees they controlled. Tellingly, no other campaign, party committee, or PAC ever paid him any money.

    What’s worse, the Ehrlich/Steele administration certified another company owned by this same friend of Michael Steele as an airport retail minority business enterprise even though he had no prior retail experience. That certification paved the way for Mr. Roberts to pose as an independent minority front for the national airport concessionaire, Hudson News. State auditors later determined that he was not operating independent of Hudson News.

    Worst of all, the Ehrlich/Steele administration gave a $2.2 million no-bid state contract to Michael Steele’s campaign finance chairman, the convicted felon Alan Fabian, who contributed $285,000 of his own money to the pair and bundled $100,000 more from his employees and associates.

    Only 11 months prior, the Ehrlich-Steele administration had chosen Mr. Fabian in a competitive bidding process, even though state evaluators determined he was the least qualified, because he proposed to do the work for less than half the price proposed by the other three more qualified bidders.

    After winning the contract, Mr. Fabian hired Mr. Ehrlich’s campaign finance chairman and close friend, David Hamilton, to serve as his corporate counsel and contributed $95,000 to Ehrlich and Steele in the weeks immediately before and after the Ehrlich administration tripled the contract, without competitive bidding, to the aforementioned $2.2 million. That figure was more than twice the price originally offered by the highest bidder.

    That money belonged to you and me and Steve and Augie and all the people whose votes they’ll be seeking in November. Knowing that, will you still embrace Mr. Ehrlich’s candidacy?

    – Steve Lebowitz, Annapolis

    • Oh Steve, once again with the flattery, which by the way, will get you everywhere with me.

      Now here’s what you need to know about me. I might be the staunch conservative, but I do not bury my head in the sand. If it comes out that someone has broken the law, I will speak out. The problem with your accusations is that they are unfounded. Last time I checked, citizens of this great country were innocent until PROVEN guilty. Sure, people were talking about this (briefly) about a year ago, but nothing came of it. Believe me, in this state, if Ehrlich/Steele broke the law, especially in such a ridiculous way as your suggest, they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And if they did do what you accused them of, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. I’m not a detective or a prosecutor. You should be laying your “evidence” at their feet, not mine. If they are convicted or even indicted, then I’ll speak freely. And I’m not one that Republicans want on their tails either. As of right now, I can’t say anything more than it does seem a little fishy. But I’ll reserve judgment for when I know all the facts.

      As to the contracts, my mom is a small business owner (not in MD) and she does most of her work for a county in GA. Every time she does a job, she has to prepare a bid, submit it, and hope she’s the lowest. She knows that if anyone, even if they do lousy work, comes in lower than her, she won’t get it. That’s just how contracts work. Again, possibly a fishy situation, certainly sounds like it to me, especially given Fabian’s conviction. But the one thing I’ve learned in politics is that everything is fishy, it’s still about who you know, and how much money you got…no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.

      Of course this is disheartening to me, as a citizen, but if you think this crap doesn’t go on with the Democrats, you have your head in the sand. If you think that development lawyers like Michael Smith and David Gildea don’t have an ulterior motive when raising large amounts of money for Democrat Baltimore county council candidates, you have your head in the sand. If you think that it’s okay that Mayor Dixon & Baltimore Councilman Oliver gets to keep their pensions regardless of their convictions, you have your head in the sand. If you think, for a second, that O’Malley hasn’t been a tax and spend Governor, you have your head in the sand.

      You might be able to point out discrepancies here and there, a random vote, a “special favor”, but it pails in comparison to the other side.

      I have to thank you, actually, because by debating with you, I’ve been forced to do a little more research than normal, and that is always good. I like to know who I’m voting for and who I’m voting against, and though no one is ever perfect, it’s my job as a voter to know both sides, both candidates. I will criticize where I need to criticize and praise where I need to praise. I’m not a bullshitter. It’s just not who I am.

      Someday you’ll come around, but until then, good day,


  9. justdafacts says:

    Thanks for taking a closer look at my Daily Kos posts, Hillary. I don’t think the Maryland State Prosecutor was very interested or aggressive in investigating the Ehrlich/Steele administration and their contributors.

    He was appointed by Gov. Ehrlich, belongs to a Republican club in Montgomery County, and served on a rabidly partisan Congressional investigative committee when the GOP controlled Congress. Suspiciously, he prosecuted Ed St. John for illegally contributing $17,000 to O’Malley through six of his employees, but he ignored the $60,000 that those same six employees gave to Bob Ehrlich through the Maryland GOP federal account. (See links above in reply to Auggie).

    Remember that the Dixon investigation began in 2004, she was indicted in 2008, and convicted in 2009. Investigations take time, and I’m sure Dixon consumed a lot of the resources of his office.

    I can’t say whether or not Ehrlich and Steele committed any crimes for which they could be convicted, but that’s beside the point. Corruption is corruption, and what I have exposed disqualifies either of them from holding public office.

    If you think I scrutinize Ehrlich & Steele carefully, you should see how closely I read every O’Malley administration Board of Public Works agenda, every one of his and the Maryland Democrats’ campaign disclosures, and how many Public Information Act requests I file. There is nothing like this in his record.

    Thank you once again for allowing me to post here.

    – Steve

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