Still Think It’s Not Self Promotion?

Round Two: Guess what showed up in my mailbox over the weekend? Did you get one too? Another large, less glossy postcard describing the new single stream recycling program in Baltimore County. This time, however, it was missing any mention of the County Executive. So, here’s my question: Why send two postcards, almost identical in nature, save a picture and a signature? Exposure, maybe? The first could have gotten chucked into the junk mail pile, so a follow up might have been deemed necessary (or at least beneficial). So, then why weren’t the postcards identical? That would have saved the tax payers thousands of dollars in printing charges alone. But honestly, I see no need for a second card in the first place. In another week or so, we’ll all be receiving yet another mailing including the 4 year schedule and complete program details. So why two? I’d love to see the numbers on just how much it cost to do those mailings to hundreds of thousands of residents.

Do you still think the first card wasn’t self promotion of a man clinging to his power now that he’s on his way out of office? This is something that I’ve learned in the few short months I’ve been involved. Apparently one does not actually have to stay in an elected office to remain in control. They simply have to have enough strings to pull, people to control, and money to spend. I’m sure Smith’s little postcard racked in some money for his personal war chest, money I’m sure will be used throughout the county to defeat conservatives. Call me a cynic, but that’s how I see it.


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