You’re Invited: Wedsnesday, 5:30 pm, Bus Trip to Annapolis

Tired of high taxes and out-of-control spending that is bad for business, homeowners, and future generations?

You’re invited to participate in a statewide rally in Annapolis this Wednesday. The event, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, is designed to let the governor and legislators know that they should curb spending, reduce taxes, and be more responsive to citizens.

Why on a Wednesday? This Wednesday is the first day of the legislative session and we want to convince them not to over-spend or raise taxes.

Buses will depart from the Catonsville Park & Ride (I-195 & Rolling Road) at 5:30pm this Wednesday. We’ll depart Annapolis around 8:30pm. I am one of three reform-minded candidates who want to see lower taxes and spending in Annapolis and Towson. I (Steve Whisler) am running for the Baltimore County Council. Al Nalley and Dave Augenbaugh are running for the House of Delegates.

We have already paid for the bus. The cost to ride is a suggested donation of at least $15 per person to cover our costs. If you’d like to give more, we’d really appreciate your support … campaigns are expensive to defeat incumbents. Per campaign finance laws, we must list your name and mailing address will all donations. If you prefer, you can pay cash; however, we suggest you write a check payable to “Slate for Fiscal Responsibility.” Campaign finance laws require us to issue receipts for donations of $50 or greater.

If you plan to attend, you must register in advance. We want to ensure we have enough space for everyone. We also would appreciate you providing your cell number in case we need to reach you in Annapolis and direct you back to the bus.

Americans for Prosperity will pass out hot beverages, hand warmers, and goodies in Annapolis. These events are actually pretty fun … make a sign, dress warmly, and bring a photo ID in case you need to enter the legislative building to use restrooms or warm up.

I hope to see you there!

Steve Whisler

Who knows, maybe my new friend and most likely, closet conservative, Steve Lebowitz will finally put down his fake battle axe and join us once and for all.


4 Responses to You’re Invited: Wedsnesday, 5:30 pm, Bus Trip to Annapolis

  1. justdafacts says:

    I won’t be out there protesting with you, Steve, and not just because I avoid crowds, but I’d enjoy the opportunity to settle our differences at Galway Bay on Maryland Avenue, just steps from the statehouse, where I’m planning to meet the formidible Mark Newgent at 5:15 pm. Alack, I won’t be able to stay for long because the kids have a class at 6. – Steve Lebowitz

    PS – Sam Moxley is an old friend with whom I served on Baltimore County Democratic Central Committee a while back. I’m pleased to see he has drawn a challenger who will stick to the facts and campaign with dignity. – SL

  2. Justdafacts (AKA SL),

    Thanks for the kind comments. I’ve worked with Councilman Moxley for several years to help ensure fiscal responsiblity and responsive government for my 1800-home community.

    I will indeed focus on communicating what I believe should be done to further improve our region. Voters want to learn what candidates will do … not what hasn’t or should’ve been done.

    Tomorrow’s visit to Annapolis will not be a protest, but instead a show of unity by people like me who are frustrated with high taxes and unbridled spending.

    Thanks for serving on the Baltimore County Democratic Central Committee!. That tells me that you, like me, care enough to get involved and help contribute positively to the debate on how best to make our communities better!

  3. David says:

    Hey Fellas,

    One of the very reasons I got involved was to ensure that there was balanced debate, at all levels. We (Steve L and I) just happen to fall on either end of the debate, or do we? Time will tell. We both say that the other is tax and spend, and fiscally irresponsible. That’s not the point…the point is that unless you are part of the process you are part of the problem. It seems that Steve at least is willing to put the time and effort into his decisions and if he does that then Kudos, I respect that and his position. There are many blowhards out there, that speak or write to hear themselves…

    My problem lies on ‘both’ sides of the aisle, the uninformed with the power to vote, like a crook with a badge, a lawyer with a pen…LOL…and dare I say many whom serve in the very body that is about to begin session today.

    Hope to meet you soon Steve L, I have many people that I enjoy debating with on facebook that are of like mind, you all force me to listen, not always agree, but listen.



  4. Steve & Augie – I’m looking forward to spirited debate over the next nine months, and I’m glad you’ve brought your work to a wider forum.

    My biggest beef with Maryland Republicans is their refusal to tell the other half of the story on taxing and spending. Any windbag can pander against tax increases and talk about cutting spending in the abstract, but Maryland Republicans have lacked the spine to propose detailed and specific spending reductions to offset the taxes they oppose.

    I’ve challenged several Maryland Republican politicians on this in a range of forums from conservative blogs to letters to the editor to their own blogs to talk radio. Most, like Del. Warren Miller on O’, have flat out disappeared rather than face the question. Some, like Del. Chris Shank, have provided a two-page double-spaced press with one line on the back page offering an across-the-board percentage reduction with no specifics. Still others, like Del. Steve Schuh, claim to reporters that he and his colleagues had an actual list of 50 specific spending reductions, but he and they refused to show it to anyone. Del. Mike Smigiel said that he and his colleagues have offered a hodgepodge of committee proposals, floor amendments, etc. that add up to some significant cuts.

    What’s worse, when Gov. O’Malley and the Democrats have actually stepped up and reduced spending several times, to keep the budget in balance, Republicans had the temerity to complain about the cuts!

    You see my point. A politician who opposes tax increases–or complains about tax increases–without offering specific spending reductions to offset those tax increases is a panderer and a coward. I’m hoping that you won’t be panderers or cowards, because we don’t need any more of either.

    – Steve

    PS – Please don’t be fooled into thinking the organizers of tonight’s rally have any designs beyond a thinly guised negative political campaign against Gov. O’Malley.

    Americans for Prosperity, an outside group from Washington with its own agenda that has nothing to do with what’s good for people in Maryland, has threaded the needle. They’ve devised a legal way to sidestep the law on campaign disclosure and contribution limits to serve as GOP proxies campaigning against Democrats.

    Any individual or business or entity of any sort can give as much money as they wish to AFP to run negative political ads against Democrats, stage events like tea parties, pay field organizers, etc. without any disclosure.

    I’ll give you one local example demonstrating why that’s not good for anyone: As you know, the Baltimore County chapter of AFP, led by Steve Bailey, organized opposition to the recent awarding of a speed camera contract to a specific vendor. That’s fine, except I have no way of knowing whether or not a rival vendor paid AFP to oppose the contract. Whether you like speed cameras or not, democracy needs transparency.

    From the scant information on their 2007 and 2008 IRS 990s, which become public eleven months after each year ends, I know that AFP spent $5.5 million on advertising and paid $3 million to “consultants” around the country, but they are not required to provide any details beyond total spending per category. How do I know they’re not paying conservative candidates to run for office promote their agenda? For all we know, they could be paying Bob Ehrlich, or his firm, or his wife.

    Shame on high paid Democratic strategists at the national level for being slow on the uptake, but the real story behind Jon Corzine’s defeat in New Jersey was AFP and their radio and tv ads and staged events. I, for one, hope they learned from their mistake, but you, as Republican candidates, should disassociate yourselves from this secretive and manipulative outside special interest group unless they voluntarily disclose in a timely manner who is paying them how much to do what. – Steve

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