We Take On Annapolis

Somewhere in that crowd is little old (young) me and 48 other people who rode down on a bus from Catonsville.   Were you there?  I have to tell you; this was the first real rally I’ve ever been able to attend.  Thanks to the AFP for organizing something at night, so my supportive husband could stay at home and watch my three wonderful children.

Here are my reactions:

1. Totally energizing: Just being there was enough for me.  Seeing people unite together, infuriated and excited all at the same time.  It’s amazing to see the left call us an angry mob or racists pigs, yet to be there, even the harshest critic would have a hard time walking away thinking those things.  Even as the 4 or 5 twits in the back heckled the crowds, they were, for the most part, ignored.  In fact, it wasn’t until this 22 year old momma’s boy (will post youtube footage soon) bounced behind us and up in people’s faces calling us “racists” were they even confronted, and even then, it was fairly civil.

2.  I heart Charles Lollar.  Part of me wishes I was lived in his district just do I could vote for him. He’s just awesome, and by far, the most energizing of the speakers last night. 

3.  Will do that again!  I don’t know when the next rally is, but I’ll do my best to be there.  I think we need it more for ourselves than anything else.  Who doesn’t walk away ready to dive in, write checks, volunteer, blog, etc?  It’s addicting. 

4.  I still loathe the mainstream media.  A couple reporters stood right in front of us.  In fact, Betsy and I were on the news last night.  As soon as I figure out a way to get the clip from tivo to You Tube, I’ll post it.  And on WMAL this morning, I was able to pull this pic off their slide show of the event.  But other than that, there was little to no mention of the event.  Isn’t that dissappointing?  But who cares, we don’t need them.  I think that’s why they ignore us, because it pisses them off that they can no longer take elections just by skewing the news.  So sad for them.

Thanks to the Americans for Prosperity and the Institute for Liberty for putting on the event.  It was awesome to recognize people who were on stage.  Guess where I knew them from?  Yep, a PVRC meeting.  In November, we had Joe Seehusen, AFP, and Andrew Langer, IFL as our guest speakers.  See what you’re missing out on if you don’t attend?  So, we’ll see you tonight then.  7:00 pm, Bloomsbury Community Center, in the Dungeon (oops, I mean basement).

Some media coverage:

1.  An article in the Baltimore Sun who made it more about Ehrlich’s possible reelection bid then the rally itself.

2. Nice one by WMAL including a full slide show.

I’ll add more as I find them.  Add yours as well.  Got pics, please post to Facebook and send me a link. I’ll repost them here.  Lots of Pics and Video coming tomorrow.  I forgot my camera.  Betsy was kind enough to take lots and lots of pictures, plus Augie was on board as well.


2 Responses to We Take On Annapolis

  1. Betsy Merena says:

    Here’s the link to the WBAL new clip we were on. Oh, and just ignore the news caster when she reports that “several hundred” people showed up in Lawyers’ Mall. There were at least 3,000.


  2. Betsy Merena says:

    PS – I also wrote a blog post about last night’s rally, “Giving O’Malley and his Cronies a Piece of Our Minds”



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