And It’s On

If you had asked me a year ago to describe the state of the union, I would have quickly replied “doom and gloom.”   The America I knew and loved had just sworn in a no-name, sweet talking uber liberal to the office of the President.  THE PRESIDENT?  That’s it, I thought, it’s over.  America has gone so far left, there is no turning back.  It was time to dig my head in the sand and pray for a miracle.  And that’s what I did, quite literally.  I turned off talk radio, traded Fox News for Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse (I have kids, I promise), and refused to visit any website that wasn’t related to entertainment news.  You could say, I’d lost hope.

Thankfully, Obama and I have something in common; we underestimated the power of the American people.  Within 90 days of his inauguration, I could tell the tide was turning.  Slowly, I cracked open one eye, just to see if the world was still standing.   Not only was it still there, but there were these people, these normal, everyday people, speaking out.  Granted they weren’t being heard yet, but it was enough to convince me that there was still hope for my America.  Suddenly, my eyes sprung open, wider than ever.  And I was ready for a fight.

Fast forward to last night.  As Betsy and I walked into the MDGOP headquarters in Annapolis last night, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people crowded into such a small space.  You would think it was election night in Maryland.  But it wasn’t, not a single one of us had voted that day.  And yet, there we were clinging to the small TV in the corner, hanging on every single update.  “50% of the precincts reporting and we’re up 7%,” yelled Andy Harris across the room.  Shouts and applause.  “62% reporting and we’re still up by 7”  More shouts.  More applause.  Betsy and I knew not a single person in that room, but suddenly we were all friends.  The energy was igniting, contagious.  Finally, the moment came, the AP has called the election for Scott Brown.  History has been made, and we all felt like we were part of it.  I can guarantee you that each one of us in that room last night walked away thinking, we can do this thing.  In the words of my favorite comedian, Larry the Cable Guy, “Git er done.”

A heavily Blue state, bluer than Maryland, has just elected it’s first Republican senator in 7 decades.  Whoa, that’s huge!  So what does it mean for us?  It means it’s time for us all to pull our heads out of the sand and send a message.  No one is safe, not even Barbara Mikulski, Elijah Cummings, or Steny Hoyer (GO LOLLAR).  If there was ever a time to take a chance, to get involved, to make a difference, it’s NOW.   We’ve got a shot to make some significant changes, to make Maryland more PURPLE than blue.  As Audrey Scott, Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, said last night, “We’re taking back our state.”  Amen sister, preach it.

Most likely, Ehrlich will run.  He’d be stupid not to.  And if you just take a second and look around, you’ll find that we’re surrounded by outstanding candidates; people who three months ago might not have had much of a shot.  However, with momentum building from VA, NJ, and now, MA, combined with the right resources we could get these people into office.  Within the PVRC, we have three amazing candidates, Steve Whisler, Al Nalley, and Dave Aughenbaugh, and it’s our job to get them elected.  It’s not going to be easy.  It’s going to take time, effort, and lots and lots of money.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s us against the MACHINE.

No longer can you sit back and think, “Oh, isn’t it great what those people are doing? But I can’t get involved right now.” If you have time to complain about the status quot, you have time to write a letter to your elected officials, telling them to be afraid, be very afraid.  If you have time to debate with liberal friends, then you have time to click on a paypal link and make a donation to a campaign, the Maryland Republican Party, or both.  If you have time to throw your unmatched socks at the TV when Obama interrupts your regularly scheduled programming to spew his socialist propaganda, then you have time visit a candidate’s site and ask what you can do to help.  Now is the time, peeps.  Now is the time.

Don’t know where to start? Just visit our links section to the right.  Or post a comment and we’ll hook you up.


4 Responses to And It’s On

  1. justdafacts says:

    Hillary – I understand your enthusiasm, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that it hasn’t been seven decades since Massachusetts elected a Republican senator. In 1966 Massachusetts elected Republican Edward Brooke, who served until 1979.

    And you’re still supporting Bob Ehrlich, knowing what you know.

    – Steve

    • Oh Steve, how we’ve missed you. You are correct, I misspoke. This is what happens when you are attempting to blog with three kids running circle around you. What I actually meant to say was that it’s be nearly 7 decades since a Republican held what would be come to be known as “Kennedy’s” seat. The last Republican to hold that seat was Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. in 1946, 64 years.

      And Steve, you still have yet to actually answer any of my questions. If we’re going to have a dialogue, I would expect it to be two-sided.

      Welcome back.

  2. justdafacts says:

    Hi Hillary. Your question was a variation of, “What has [insert incumbent elected official] done for me?

    For you, a dedicated Maryland conservative activist? In his first three years in office, in the face of the deepest recession since the Great Depression, which has caused budget gaps in 48 of the 50 states, Gov. O’Malley has cut real spending in real Maryland budgets by $4.6 billion. That is by far the largest spending reduction in Maryland history, and quite a turn around from former-Gov. Ehrlich, who gave us the largest spending increase in modern Maryland history, according to the conservative National Taxpayers Union. Thankfully, Maryland Democrats in the state legislature stepped in to scale back Gov. Ehrlich’s budget.

    You and I both should be pleased that Gov. O’Malley put a stop to Maryland State Police infiltration of law abiding protest groups that originated under the Ehrlich administration.

    Here’s one thing he did for me that a few conservatives might not like, even though all seven Republicans on the House’s Health & Government Operations Committee supported it: Maryland Medicaid expansion, providing low cost coverage to working poor families and saving money for small businesses, hospitals, and anyone who pays health insurance premiums.

    Don’t take my word for it; here’s what Republican legislators said:

    “The $1 billion in uncompensated care — representing $344 a year in additional health premiums for those with insurance — “is the real tax,” said [GOP] Del. Donald Elliott.” “This is only the beginning” in tackling the lack of health insurance, he added.”

    Del. Elliott also said, “It’s the most substantive piece of legislation to come out of the state in my 24 years of legislation.”

    “Anytime you can add people to coverage of health, it saves this hospital a lot of money,” [GOP Del. Page] Elmore said. “There’s no question about it. I knew as soon as I saw this bill I had to get on board and we’ll continue to make progress on health care in the state of Maryland.

    [Republican Del.] Beitzel and [Republican Sen.] Edwards both lauded DeMarco’s efforts. Beitzel, however, acknowledged the philosophical struggle he had before he agreed to support the bill. “Socialized medicine aspect versus the free economy,” Beitzel sasaid is how he approached the situation. “I kind of wrestled.” But when he realized that the majority of small business-employed workers didn’t have health care, he was moved to support the bill. “That’s really the backbone of our economy,” Beitzel said. “It seemed to be the proper thing to do.”
    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think these Maryland Republican delegates just endorsed healthcare reform.

    Thanks once again for allowing me the privilege to post dissenting opinions on your fine blog.

    – Steve Lebowitz

    • Steve, I think due to the number of links in the post, the blog thought you were spam. I found all three of your submissions in the spam folder. Sorry about that. Busy day, I’ll have to reserve my rebuttal for a bit later…like maybe when my husband returns from his business trip.


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