Could Malone Be Prophetic?

I just stumbled across an article in the Baltimore Sun regarding Ulman’s war chest in Howard County.  Normally, I would pass it by.  I don’t live in Ho Co remember?  However, just as I was about to hit delete on my Google Reader, I paused, for I saw a name I recognized, Jimmy Malone.  And here’s what he had to say:

‘”Some people with $1 million lose,” said Del. James E. Malone Jr., a Democrat who represents a fairly conservative portion of southwestern Baltimore County and Elkridge in Howard County.

Malone was thinking about 1990, when Maryland’s Democratic incumbents lost big time. Then-Baltimore County Executive Dennis F. Rasmussen, who had $1 million, lost to novice challenger Roger B. Hayden, a Republican school board member with one-tenth his funding. In Howard, Democratic Del. Elizabeth Bobo, then county executive, narrowly lost her re-election bid to Republican Charles I. Ecker, another school official.”

How awesome would it be if in some way those words came back to bite him in the proverbial ass?  We know that Democrats are going to out-fund raise us by a ginormous margin.  We’re, by far, the underdogs.  But if there was ever a time to reinvent 1990, it’s now.  The people are ready for change, but mark my words, Jimmy Malone is not going down easy.

So, how much fight do you have left in you?  A Facebook friend posted something today about Maryland being a lost cause, a Republican of course.  People, we are far from lost.  We’re just so used to our voices being squelched by the powers that be, that we feel a sense of helplessness.  But we have the power to dictate change, not just in our votes, but with our resources, with our time, and with our words.  What do you say?  Ready to send Jimmy Malone and Steve DeBoy into early retirement?  Let’s do this thing, peeps.  Let’s do it.
Augie and Nalley in 2010!


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