Teleprompters in a 6th Grade Classroom, Mr. President?

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Obama Speaks to a Sixth-Grade Classroom
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Could you imagine being in that sixth grade class? From the moment you heard the President of the United States was coming to your classroom, you were probably freaking out. All of a sudden, you’re the most popular 6th grader in the entire country. That morning you picked out the best outfit in your closest, fixed your hair, and, if you’re a girl, applied sparkly lip gloss. Heck, you probably made sure you were early to class. Nobody wants to be late when the President is visiting. Then he starts to speak. A few minutes later, you wake up, drool pooling on your desk. You expected it to be exciting, but from the moment he opened his mouth, you found yourself bored literally to sleep.

Does the man have any other tone other than mono? Recently, I heard his remarks on the rescue efforts in Haiti. Granted it was over the radio, but I’ve never heard anyone so completely detached. Say what you will about George W, but at least you knew he cared. You saw it in his face and heard it in his voice. You can tell me what you think, if you can get through it without falling asleep. Of course, I’m a bit biased, but I was not impressed.


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