Pensions, Traffic Cams, and Tanning Beds VS Snow Plowing???

From the Baltimore County Republicans via Facebook:

Tonight Baltimore County Republicans blasted the Democrat-led county government for a miserable response to a historic snowstorm; one that has left many neighborhoods paralyzed, days after the blizzard ended.

“Jim Smith used the response to Hurricane Isabel for partisan purposes, but today, he can’t blame Republicans for Baltimore County’s deplorable response to a historic snowstorm,” commented Chris Cavey, Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Party. “Whole neighborhoods are still inaccessible days after the snowstorm ended, and citizens are confused about what to do with mounting garbage. It reflects years of underinvestment in public works, and a basic breakdown in services.”

This past Tuesday at the Spending Affordability Committee the County auditor revealed a $144 million revenue shortfall. “Poor planning will now drive us further in debt.” Cavey said, “I guess they will try to blame the budget deficit on harsh winter storms – too bad we know the truth.”

Cavey also noted the following:

· County Executive James Smith, normally in front of cameras for every press event, has been virtually invisible over the past few days, doubtfully he is snowed in.

· Neighborhoods are isolated, trapped under mounting piles of snow, while many county roads remain difficult to maneuver or unplowed.

· The county’s garbage collection is confusing and haphazard. On Monday, the county issued a press release that said there would be “limited” collection the next day. This implies that residents should pack up the piles of mounting garbage and haul it back to the house—through feet of snow—if the trash wasn’t picked up.

“Over the past two months, Democrats on the County Council spent their time debating their lucrative pension benefits and speed cameras when perhaps they could have invested a little time on how to prepare for winter emergencies,” Cavey concluded. “After 16 years, Democrats can add this latest breakdown to their legacy, which already includes traffic-choked roads and overcrowded schools.”


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