Retire Already, Gardina

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’ve been cooped up for days on end, or the fact that I’m looking at a few days more, but watching the tweets come in from Bryan Sears on the Council’s business meeting, I became more and more infuriated.  In the midst of a $144 million budget gap, guess what our County Council members were chatting about today?  Nope, not about how they are going to fix said gap, but rather drudging up the once buried topic of tanning beds.

Councilman Gardina – You remember him, right?  He’s the one who will be retiring this year with his 100% pension.  And yet, apparently this is not a big enough legacy.  He feels that he needs to leave another mark on our communities.  It seems he’s decided to single-handedly take on the devil himself, the tanning bed industry.  Even after the council, which I gave full props to, downed his preposterous bill, proposing  that minors could only use a tanning bed with a doctor’s prescription, Gardina is making it clear that he will not give up this fight.

Today, instead of offering solutions to our budgeting woes, Gardina introduced two bills concerning tanning beds.  The first is a law that would require signage about the hazardous effects of tanning beds on human beings.  While I agree that exposing one’s self to the UV rays of a tanning bed is not the smartest idea, I have to wonder why not require signage where ever harmful UV rays occur, like any where the sun may hit.   The idea that the county council would take on this subject, tying up much needed county’s resources in the process, is simply ridiculous the me.  But wait, I haven’t gotten to the second bill yet.

Gardina has also introduced a plan to enforce that parents actually adhere to the State mandate that minors must have parental consent.  Wow, trust us much?  I’m glad that he’s not even attempting to mask his innate liberalism.  Control the people because the people are far too stupid to control themselves, right?

Basically he’s proposing that the county government use county resources to enforce a state law.  Isn’t that just genius?  Okay, peeps, I think it’s time for an overhaul up there in Towson.  I realize that Gardina is already on his way out, but the rest of them (give or take one) need a swift kick in the ass.  My suggestion…boot em’ out (except McIntyre…we like him).
Oh and our street was never plowed.  And Snowpocalypse 2 has begun.  Sweet!


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