Allow Me To Clear Something Up

Apparently the last post on snow removal  has generated some very intense feelings.  First of all, I DID NOT WRITE IT!  It was written by a spokesman for the Baltimore County GOP.  Second of all, people wishing to post comments here are more than welcome, assuming they are respectful and void of insults.  Steve Lebowitz, our liberal blogging friend, comes here and debates the issues with us.  I would consider him my frenemy, and am elated to engage in non-personal banter with him.

This morning, I was attacked (and I use that term conservatively) by a friend for simply copying and pasting someone else’s words.  Then moments ago, someone left a detailed rebuttal which would have been fine if she had left out the personal attacks.  Like I said months ago when our friendly neighborhood heckler called me a worthless piece of trash, this will not be tolerated.  So Sarah, whoever you are, if you would like to repost your comment removing the insults to me and my my family (and yes, I have one, a husband, 3 kids, and a dog and yes, this is the only place I write), I will gladly approve it.  I welcome adverse opinions, but ask that they remain even keel.

Lastly, in my opinion, after rereading the press release, the Ba Co GOP is in no way attacking the people out there doing the grunt work.  I have a deep respect for them and the work that they do.  My husband and several neighbors banded together and literally shoveled out our street so our neighbor could catch his flight on Monday. The day before, nearly 15 people dug out the street coming into our neighborhood.  They didn’t sit on their butts waiting to be rescued.   I have deep respect for them as well.  Most of us have never seen anything like this, including our County Councilmen.  Our very own meteorologists couldn’t see this coming, so I can’t expect the Council to be psychic.  And no one is claiming that they should be.  But that does not take away the responsibility to be prepared.  After already being hit with the largest storm in years, the County Council met on Tuesday for their bi-monthly business meeting, a meeting they rescheduled to an earlier time due to the impending storm.  Guess what they talked about? Tanning beds!

I give major props to the men and women out there, not only hired by the county and local businesses, but those neighbors who have taken it upon themselves to dig out their neighbors who can’t do it themselves, to get supplies to people who couldn’t get out before the storm, to use their four wheel drive vehicles to transport strangers to the hospitals.  I think they all deserve one big pat on the back.  Once again, it’s the people that take care people and not the government.  My point exactly.


2 Responses to Allow Me To Clear Something Up

  1. justdafacts says:

    Don’t sweat the hate mail, Hillary, especially when it’s anonymous, because you don’t deserve it. I’ve found this blog to be a friendly place to read different perspectives and have some civilized debate. Thanks for welcoming me here.

    Chris Cavey’s comments were not directed against anyone but Jim Smith and the county council, but he took a cheap shot and now he looks like a political opportunist. Voters remember the snow wasn’t cleared any faster or slower when Republican Roger Hayden was county executive.

    This is Maryland, not Maine, and if Baltimore County had acquired equipment and materials for snow removal on par with Bangor, Maine, I have no doubt Chris Cavey would have blasted out a press release criticizing that.

    We’re in a disaster level snowstorm akin to a hurricane, and there’s no Democratic or Republican way to clear roads and restore services. It’s clear that our state and local governments planned and prepared appropriately for our our region and climate, and they’re responding with the best use of resources and personnel. That doesn’t make anyone feel any better if their street still hasn’t been plowed or if their power is out, but, like you, I’m heartened to see neighbors helping neighbors, and state and local government and BGE employees working overtime in terrible conditions to clear roads and restore services.

    I’m the last person to tell someone else to refrain from criticizing political opponents, but in this case Chris Cavey should have used better judgment. He can be the loyal opposition without reflexively slamming every single thing Baltimore County government does. I used to live there. It’s a nice place, and the county provides very good services. Not perfect, but very good. Mr. Cavey should do a better job choosing his battles.

    – Steve Lebowitz

    PS – Chris Cavey was wrong about Jim Smith being “invisible” for the past few days. My wife says she saw him on TV, and I know he interrupted Bob Ehrlich’s radio show Saturday morning to give an update.

    Too bad he interrupted Bob Ehrlich telling lies. At 9:30am Bob Ehrlich said he did not raise taxes in 2003. Ha! On March 14, 2003 he submitted a budget with a 57% property tax hike, only 57 days after his inauguration, having run a campaign against raising taxes. And he can’t pin that one on the legislature, since he enacted that tax hike through the Board of Public Works.

    At the time, Ehrlich’s budget director said, “It’s clear to me that people do not understand the depth of the problem we’re in, and it got worse this week.” The 2002-2003 recession was fiddlesticks compared to the present recession, but it kinda calls the bluff on Bob Ehrich’s armchair quarterbacking today. – Steve

    • Thanks Steve for the backup. I’ll let Chris respond to his own words. I think when it comes to this particular post, I’ve endured enough. But I am looking forward to continuing our healthy debate through out the election cycle.

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