Attention Parents: Storyville II Opens at Woodlawn

I brought this over from Steve Whisler’s website:

If you’re ever been to the Rosedale branch library then you know what we’re talking about.  The first Storyville was built as a separate addition to the library and is specifically designed for children under the age of 5.   The original Storyville draws in thousands of young and pre-readers from all over the county, so much so, that the powers that be decided to build a second one in Woodlawn, right down the street.

Storyville at Woodlawn, a $1.7 million project, opened on March 1, and offers a wide variety of hands on learning opportunities for our little ones.  Unfortunately Steve’s sons are a little too old for this experience, but Hillary Pennington, our Communications Director, can’t wait to take her three children, all under 5, to see the sights and sounds of Storyville II.

“We have a local mom’s group, More than Moms, who ventures over to Rosedale every now and then to visit Storyville.  Every children falls in love at first sight.  They deliver mail, ring up customers, cook elaborate dinners, garden and grill, build entire communities, fish, act, and more.  We’ve been bubbling over with anticipation just waiting for the new one to open.  Our group plans to attend this Thursday,” said Hillary.

We recommend you check it out.  Let us know what you think.  This is definitely a great investment and we certainly want to reward our county when they do good.

Baltimore County’s Press Release

Baltimore Sun’s Article


One Response to Attention Parents: Storyville II Opens at Woodlawn

  1. justdafacts says:

    Hillary – I take it you & Steve agree, as do I, that this is a good way to spend our tax dollars. – Lebowitz

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