Audrey on Cardin’s Top Dog Position: Most Liberal Senator

Statement from Maryland Republican Party Chairman Audrey Scott regarding Senator Ben Cardin’s ranking as the #1 most liberal U.S. Senator

“As if Marylanders needed even more of a reminder that our State has been stifled under one-party rule, this week the respected National Journal rated Democrat Maryland Senator Ben Cardin as the most liberal Senator in Congress, even to the left of John Kerry.  Overall the entire Maryland delegation was ranked the sixth-most liberal of all state delegations.  While Ben Cardin and his fellow Democrats continue to rubberstamp President Obama’s reckless health care experiment, Maryland families are struggling and looking for real economic leadership.  Since President Obama has come into office, more that 77,000 jobs have been lost in Maryland and yet Democrats like Senator Cardin still refuse to stand up and say ‘enough’.

“It’s clear that one-party rule doesn’t work and this fall Republicans intend to hold Democrats accountable both in Washington and Annapolis.  Everyday, more and more Marylanders are saying ‘enough is enough.’

“You can join them by supporting the Maryland Republican Party or becoming active in your local Republican Party organization.  With your help, we can restore accountability to a liberal agenda that has run amuck.”


Authority: Maryland Republican Party, R. Christopher Rosenthal, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

3 Responses to Audrey on Cardin’s Top Dog Position: Most Liberal Senator

  1. Brian Morrison says:

    Are there any Republican candidates running against State Sen. Kasemeyer and Congressman Cummings?

    Thank you

  2. David says:


    Currently there are “NO” candidates, @ least to my knowledge that have ‘publicly announced intentions’ to run against either, Kasemeyer or Cummings. 😦

    Although I am hearing of a ‘rumor’ of a potential Kasemeyer challenger.


    Dave “Augie” Aughenbaugh
    Candidate for State Delegate – 12A

    “We cannot change what we do not challenge”

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