Get Involved: AFP Town Hall Meeting March 15

Gold Plated Pensions for Part Time Employees

Our elected officials have forgotten that they work for us. They think that if they ignore us that we will go away. They believe that no one cares.

We have a message for them. We will not sit quietly by as they refuse to reform their gold-plated pension plans. We will continue to raise our voices. We will march. We will write letters. We will call talk radio. We will email and talk to our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. We will continue to share the facts and spread the word. Our politicians have voted to line their own pockets during the Great Recession. What happened to the public good?

Join us Monday, March 15, 2010 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM at the Towson branch of the Baltimore County Public Library as we host a Town Hall Forum to discuss reforming the pension plans of our elected officials. An expert panel will compare the pension plans of our political elite to what the average Baltimore County citizen can expect to receive in retirement. Then we want to hear from you. How will we hold them accountable!


One Response to Get Involved: AFP Town Hall Meeting March 15

  1. justdafacts says:

    Hillary – Pension reform starts at the top. Consider Bob Ehrlich:

    Last month he told radio listeners his congressional pension wasn’t excessive because, he said, “we fixed that with the Contract with America.” His wife said, “when you were in Congress, they adjusted those types of benefits to fit federal employees, under speaker Newt Gingrich.” This is a pure figment of their imagination. Pensions were not even mentioned in the Contract with America, most of which was not enacted anyhow, and they were not altered while Bob Ehrlich was in Congress.

    Compliments of the taxpayers, Bob Ehrlich has three defined benefit pensions that grow more generous over time from the Maryland legislature, Congress, and his gubernatorial term. If he really believed these plans were too generous, he could have opted out, as Newt Gingrich did when he was first elected to Congress (until he quietly opted back in ten years later).

    So Mr. Ehrlich is a plain hypocrite, pandering to his radio listeners about state legislative pensions when he has one himself, not to mention two additional defined benefit pensions with pay-outs that increase over time, compliments of the taxpayers. The fact that Bob Ehrlich is out of touch with the reality of his own record as an elected official, let alone his personal retirement plan, should give voters pause.

    – Steve Lebowitz, Annapolis

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