Get Involved: Testify in Annapolis March 3

We have an opportunity to testify on Wednesday March 3, 2010, 1PM in Annapolis on E-Verify Legislation.  It is important to note that this bill has bipartisan support – Republicans and Democrats working together to preserve jobs for Maryland citizens.  If you do testify, please keep your statement “on the table” so to speak.  No need to bash Hispanic illegal aliens, CASA de Maryland, ACLU, Catholic Charities and their ilk.

The economy, foreclosure and employment situation in Maryland is so bad that most delegates, outside of Montgomery and PG Counties are getting the message that we need to maintain and create jobs for citizens.  E-Verify is an important step in the process of re-employing taxpaying citizens.

Be polite and to the point in your testimony.  Thank the bill sponsors.  However, do take names of those elected officials that challenge the bill and treat testifying citizens poorly.  We are taking precious time away from our  jobs to testify and deserve respect.  With a smile on your face, remind problem delegates that you are with Help Save Maryland and that its an election year.

Have fun and be part of the process!  Can’t make it to Annapolis Weds?  Call or e-mail Committee members.

More hearing are scheduled for next week as well.  Help Save Maryland!


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