O’Malley Spends What To Go Where For Who?

A quick glimpse at the headline in the Baltimore Sun last week didn’t much resonate with me.  It’s the Commander in Chief’s job to go to Iraq…WAIT A SECOND, that didn’t say Obama, it said O’Malley.  What the heck is my Governor doing in Iraq?  Oh he’s visiting Maryland troops?   Well then, by all means, proceed.  After all, I’m sure a visit from O’Malley made their entire year.

Just posing a question.  Why not spend the money on something that might actually lift morale and show the troops that they are indeed cared for?  Why not send care packages to them, or better yet, their families left behind on bases around Maryland?  Why, in the middle of a recession, would you spend the hundreds of thousands (just a guesstimate) of tax payer dollars, my money, to go to Iraq for two days?  I’d rather you spend my money to do something with far more reaching effects, something that our soldiers could actually benefit from, like support for themselves and their families.  I’m not an expert, but I’m sure that if O’Malley had sat down with spouses and families of servicemen and women, asking them what they need, he would have found a better way to spend that money and possibly even less of it.


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