Pensions Could be an Election Issue?

I know that the initial shock and awe has worn off but surely, people aren’t just sitting back and accepting the Council’s lame attempt at pension reform.  Granted, they did cut the pension cap by 40%, from 100 to 60%, but that is literally it.  They stopped there.  And it’s still higher than any other county employee’s eligibility.  It actually amazes me that they think it’s enough.  Way to throw us a bone.

I seriously hope that we are not willing to let this one go.  I’m thankful that there are groups like Americans for Prosperity who step up and give the people an organized forum to speak out.   Last week, over 100-150 people showed up to a panel to discuss this issue, much higher than any other gathering before this.  I’d say that people are paying more attention than they were before, like the blinders have been ripped off and they are raring to go.  Aren’t you?  Bryan Sears had this to say on WBAL radio this morning.  I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.  Are we beating a dead horse?

This is why we need to support Steve Whisler for County Council.  He’s the only one I know who is advocating a reduction in his own pay and benefits should he be elected.  Now that takes guts!

Let’s not let this issue die people.  It’s our job to make sure it becomes and election issue and that our Councilmen are held accountable and responsible for how they spend our money, especially when it is on themselves.


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