Another One Bites The Dust

No surprise here, really, Moxley is not seeking reelection.  He says his wife made the decision for him.  Um, I’m pretty sure that second DUI made the decision for you, Sam.  Nobody’s really been counting him in anyways.  If there were, there wouldn’t be FIVE Democrats already in the race.  Well possibly four.  Rumor has it that Kirby Spencer is already out.  Considering she never filed, I’m not sure you could say she was ever really in either.  So, really, my title is worthless.  You can’t bite the dust if you were never in the race to begin with, right?

Let’s move on to the real reason I’m blogging when I should be cooking dinner for three hungry kids and a husband who will walk through the door at any minute.  We’ve all heard that Moxley was considering a run for Clerk of the Court.  With Mensh’s impending retirement, someone has to fill her shoes.  But guess who she least wants it to be?  Yep, Moxley himself. He doesn’t care.  He’s running anyways.

I don’t know much about Mensh, but I like the fact that, despite pressure from prominent Dems, she said and I quote, “How could you even think that a person who has that problem could be in  such a position in the courthouse? That’s how unthinkable, unthinkable this is for me.”

People, this man is an alcoholic.  According to him, he’s recovering, and that’s great.  I’m glad that he’s getting his life back together, but really?  Clerk of the court?  Who does this guy think he is?  How arrogant do you have to be to think that you could hold public office with a record like that?  It’s not like a DUI is some kind of minor offense.  He got into his county vehicle drunk and drove it around town.  I’m actually thankful that he got busted before he killed someone.  Mad props to our police officers.

Sure he’s sober now, but alcoholism is an addiction.  What happens if he’s elected to office and then falls off the wagon?  What happens when he gets behind the wheel drunk again and instead of being pulled over, runs a red light and takes out another car?  Not only would that be tragic, but it would be an embarrassment to the office he holds and the people who put him there.

Clearly he thinks he’s somehow entitled to public service.  Not only did he retain his position as Councilman after his first DUI, the people of District 1 reelected him in 2006.  Then he does again and still gets to keep his job.  What is wrong with this picture?  A man of integrity would have stepped down the first time.

I think I’m starting my own campaign…keeping Moxley out of public office.  I’m glad he’s working the steps, going to AA, and putting the pieces of his life back together, but that doesn’t mean he gets a third chance at representing the people of Baltimore County.  I think we deserve better, don’t you?

Read Bryan Sears take on it and let me know what you think.  You already know where I am on the topic.


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