O’Malley Admits He’s a Kleptocrat

Disclaimer: I did not write this post.  This comes from Audrey Scott, the Chairman of the Maryland GOP.

MDGOP Chairman Audrey Scott issued the following statement today in response to a presentation given by Governor Martin O’Malley in which he called himself a “kleptocrat”:

“We appreciate Governor O’Malley’s striking candor about his governing philosophy. It is true that he handed out massive pay raises to his own staff as the state plunged into recession and unemployment in Maryland spiked.  It is also true that he doled out a $68,000 pay raise to the head of the Public Service Commission just as the Commission approved an 85% increase in electricity rates for more than one million Marylanders.  That rate increase occurred as a result of Governor O’Malley breaking his 2006 promise to ‘stop the rate hikes.’

Maryland needs leadership who will put citizens before the government and who will treat taxpayers as a source of new opportunity, not a source of new tax revenue.”

Klep·toc·ra·cy (\klep-tä-kr?-se\): government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed; also: a particular government of this kind


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