A Note From Our Future Governor

Governor Martin O’Malley announced this week he is seeking re-election. I welcome him to the race and look forward to a vigorous exchange of ideas. For four years, Governor O’Malley has staked his government’s legacy on a single word: progress. Rarely does he give a speech or interview without discussing what he believes is “progress” in Maryland. Let’s take a look at the “progress” made in Maryland under Governor O’Malley:

?         “Progress” — Unemployment in Maryland has doubled since 2006.

?         “Progress” — More than 230,000 Marylanders are currently looking for a job and unable to find one.

?         “Progress” — Nearly 3,000 small businesses have closed in Maryland in the last year alone.

?         “Progress” — Maryland has gone from a budget surplus in 2006 to a record budget deficit today.

?         “Progress” — Maryland families were forced to pay the largest tax increase in Maryland history at the height of a recession, including a 20 percent increase in the sales tax.

?         “Progress” — Maryland has plummeted 25 spots in CNBC’s ranking of the 50 states according to the cost of doing business.

?         “Progress” — Maryland – nicknamed “The Free State” — ranks dead last in personal freedom, according to George Mason University’s “Freedom in the 50 States” survey.

Marylanders cannot afford four more years of Governor O’Malley’s “Progress”. That’s why I have launched my campaign for Governor of Maryland. I will not back down from this fight – but I know I cannot stand alone. I need your help. Please click the donate button to the left and make a financial contribution to my Campaign.

Your financial support will allow me to keep reaching out to voters, printing campaign literature, holding rallies, producing advertising and strengthening my network of volunteer activists across the state.

Together we can bring REAL PROGRESS – more jobs, lower taxes, and less government spending — to Maryland. Thank you in advance for your support and activism on behalf of my campaign.


Bob Ehrlich

Maryland Governor (2003-2007)

P.S. Earlier this week Northrop Grumman announced it would move its headquarters to Virginia instead of Maryland, costing Maryland even more Jobs. The O’Malley Administration has shown little to no understanding of what it will take to attract and retain employers and stabilize Maryland’s economy. I need your help to defeat Governor O’Malley this fall and rebuild Maryland’s economy. Please click HERE to make a contribution of $10, $35, or even $100. I believe that together, we can take back Annapolis and turn this state around. Thank you again!


One Response to A Note From Our Future Governor

  1. breezykilt says:

    Nicely done. Let’s not forget about the number of millionaires in our state that have either relocated to another state that is friendlier to wealth or simply moved down on the net worth scale…largely due to the poor economic climate in our state.

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