Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?

What is up with Carmen Amedori?  First she throws her hat into the US Senate race, and I hear she was a front runner.  Then she backs out and runs on Brian Murphy’s ticket for Governor.  Now she’s drops him, decides not to run for anything and regrets her decision to leave the Senate race in the first place.   Can I get a big, “DUH?”  I’m sorry, did she really think that Brian Murphy had a chance in hell of winning the primary?  This is Maryland, where people literally bleed blue.  Ehrlich is our only shot at winning back the governorship.  No offense to Brian.  I think he should drop this Governor stuff and run for a local office first.  Just think of how many Dems are running unopposed?  It sickens me actually.  Right here in SW Baltimore County, Senator Casemeyer and Congressman Cummings are both enjoying the free ride to reelection.

Call me naive or a newcomer, or whatever you will, but just just doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.  In my mind, it’s all about getting quality people into electable offices.  And now I feel like we’ve lost two great candidates, both Murphy and Amedori,  in one of the most exciting years for the GOP in Maryland’s recent history.  My guess is that if they had played their cards right, they could have both been elected to an office.  It might not have been the highest or the greatest, but it would have furthered the cause.

Now, I must say that I do not know either of these people personally.  I’ve done a bit of research on their politics and pretty much agree whole-heartedly, but I am, by no means, able to discern their motives or reasons for making the decisions they’ve made.  So basically, I’m just making an observation, trying to work out these anomalies in my head.  Since it wasn’t working, I’m now turning to you.  Please, someone, explain it to me.


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