Incumbents Are Candidates Too

In a recent Letter to the Editor of the Catonsville Times, Rose Edwards, chairwoman of the Catonsville Celebrations Committee said this:

“Finally, we want to remind everyone that we do not allow political campaigning during the parade. No campaign balloons, shirts or signs are allowed in the parade. This is a day to follow our theme, celebrating our country and our community’s birthday, not to promote a candidate or a cause. We ask all candidates, incumbents and their supporters to respect the rules of the parade. After all, if a person cannot follow the simple rules of a parade, how can we trust them to respect the laws of our local and state government?”

You see, the problem is that they say “no campaigning allowed”, when in fact, it’s one big incumbent love fest.  Not only can incumbents walk in the parade, but they can proudly don their gay apparel and wave their haughty banners.  I’m not sure if the Celebrations Committee is aware of this fact but ALL incumbents are candidates in 2010.  Every seat in the state of Maryland is up for grabs from the Governor to the Clerk of the Court.  Yet according to their rules, only elected officials can be represented.  Other candidates can walk, from what I understand, but they can’t identify themselves as so, not even Governor Ehrlich.

I don’t believe their being malicious.  I think they’re motives are pure.  They want the people of Catonsville to enjoy the parade without feeling badgered and overwhelmed by political propaganda.  Again, we have a problem.  Many of us feel badgered and overwhelmed by the political propaganda that comes from our elected officials and the decisions they make.  Is our voice not worth being heard?  And why not on Independence Day?  I can’t think of a more perfect time to use the rights that our countrymen put forth their lives for (and continue to do so):  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now, Hillary, what do those inalienable rights have to do with candidates and parades?  It’s simple, we have the freedom to speak, to demonstrate, to peacefully disagree.  What about those of us who feel that our country, our state, our county are all descending down the wrong path?   Those of us that fear a day to come when these very freedoms we celebrate every Fourth of July will be squelched by a socialist government?  Those of us who are excited about the current environment in Maryland, an anti-incumbent climate, that can very well open the doors for an actual two party system?  What about us?  What if enjoying the day also involves us showing our friends and neighbors that they do in fact have a choice.  They don’t have to settle for the same old, same old, the incumbents who are spending and taxing us blind.  After all, the Fourth of July isn’t just about a parade and some fireworks.  It came with a very hefty price tag, still being paid today.

I encourage you all to go to the Parade, enjoy it with your families and friends.  But, for those of us on the sidelines, lets send a little message to the incumbents as they pass by.  Grab a yard sign and wave it like crazy when he or she passes by. Then do it again when the candidate comes by (because even though they’re not identified, they will in fact be in there).  Just don’t step in the road or you’ll be breaking the rules, and we can’t have that now can we?


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