PVRC Endorses Candidates for the First Time Ever

If you decided to stay home Thursday night then you probably missed the most exciting yet heated evening in PVRC history.  For the first time ever, the PVRC voted on endorsements for candidates in a primary; probably because we rarely have enough candidates to fill in a slate, much less to run against one another in a primary.  Of course, several endorsements came easy, given the fact that the candidates are running unopposed; Rick Martel for State Senate, Steve Whisler for County Council, Ken Holt for County Executive, and Rich Reinhart for Clerk of the Court.

Governor Erhlich won the endorsement hands down.  And yes, he has a primary opponent, but we’re not even going to mention his name.  It’s just silly.

Another unmentionable name is one running against Chris Cavey for Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.  Seriously, do we really want someone representing us who headed up the “Republicans for Obama” movement in 2008?  Enough said.  Clearly, we endorse Cavey.

This year, the contenders for State Delegate in District 12A are (in alphabetical order), David “Augie” Aughenbaugh, Joe Hooe (former candidate in 2002 and 2006), Brian Matulonis (pretty much a ghost candidate), and Albert Nalley (former candidate in 2006).  It was a land slide amongst the members of the PVRC who voted to endorse both Augie and Al, long time active members both of the organization and the Republican party.

Dave “Augie” Aughenbaugh is a newcomer to the world of politics.  He has heart, passion, and takes a “no b.s.” attitude towards politics.  He’s the kind of guy who would buy you a Bud Light and just listen to you for hours.  Then, unlike our elected officials, he’d do something about it.  As a newbie myself, I have to say that Dave was one of the few people (shout out to Leslie here too) that made me feel comfortable within the party, like I could actually make a difference despite zero experience.

Albert Nalley is more of a veteran.  He’s used to the game, but refuses to play.  He’s laid back yet fired up.  I’ve never seen someone so willing to go the distance.  He’s out there going door to door every chance he gets.   Something like that would scare me to death (which is probably why I’ll stick to running for safe bets like Central Committee), but Al just takes it in stride and keeps going.  He’s like the Energizer Bunny turbo charged.  He’s faithful, caring, and kind.

So why not the other guys?  Well, for starters, they haven’t been around for the last four years…at all.  They haven’t been carrying any of the weight and yet they want our endorsement? We think not.  The other issue, much more deeply rooted, has to do with integrity or team spirit.  We’ll just leave it at that and let the endorsements speak for themselves.

Lastly, let me take a moment to recognize Leslie Tinker, newly elected to the BCRCC with me, and winner of the Volunteer of the Year award from the Baltimore County GOP.  She even got a trophy and boy, did she look like a rock star.  No one in this area works harder and has more heart than her.  Congratulations Leslie.  You deserve it.


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