You’re Missing The Point, Mr. Media

In the last couple of weeks, two polls have come out showing Ehrlich in the lead.  Critics say that they don’t count because the pollsters are “right wing nut jobs” and therefore not credible.  Okay, let’s just say for a minute that Rasmussen was in fact a lachey for the Republican party, you’re still missing the point.

Am I killing you yet with suspense?  Probably not, this is, after all, just an op.ed., right?

The point is that Ehrlich should be no where close to O’Malley.  He’s the challenger, a one-time loser.  O’Malley should be 10-15 points ahead right now, and he’s not.  Even if the Dems came out with their own poll showing O’Malley in the lead, I’d say it would be fairly close to a dead heat.  And even the lib of the libs couldn’t deny the fact that Ehrlich is gaining momentum while O’Malley is fluttering out.

It must be infuriating actually.  Mr. Martin must be freaking out right about now.  What could he possibly have done to deserve such a backlash?  It could have nothing to do with his tax hikes he’s imposed, the deficits he’s created, or the campaign promises he left at the ballot boxes.  Really, he must be scratching his head.


4 Responses to You’re Missing The Point, Mr. Media

  1. justdafacts says:

    Everyone was expecting a drum tight race, Hillary, which has nothing to do with Matin O’Malley, Bob Ehrlich, and Maryland.

    But that doesn’t give a GOP consulting firm on tbe payroll of the Republican National Committee and Americans for Prosperity a license to undercount African American votes to swing a poll three points for Bob Ehrlich.

    In November it comes down to this: Will Maryland voters trust Bob Ehrlich to be a totally different governor than he was in his term, in which he raised property taxes 58 percent, incresed taxes $3 billion, and submitted the largest annual spending increase in Maryland history, which the Democratic legislature trimmed.

    Bob Ehrlich says he spent within his means, but he transfered funds to cover deficits in three of his four budgets and accepted federal bailout dollars. Every aspect of his record contradicts his campaign rhetoric, and voters will know that by Election Day.

    – Lebowitz

  2. David says:

    The one thing that we can agree on Steve, is the fact that the ‘budget’ mess regardless of whom the sitting Governor is, was or will be, continues to be a point of contention amongst the “Party Faithful” (Dem or Republican). Only those close enough to the process can really understand what’s been going on, “regular” constituents don’t really understand the budget, they are at the mercy of making their decisions based on information they ‘TRUST”…

    The ‘real problem’ as I see it, is that the dominant party in the both houses have practiced singularly focused, and expansion of an ideology and therefore spending that you and I will never come to agree on. Interestingly enough Franchot is sounding more and more conservative every day…politics aside, I really don’t think he has a tough race. Even though I will be supporting his opponent. 😉

    So, “game on” and it will in fact come down to what you’ve pointed out and will people trust Ehrlich or O’Malley…it really won’t matter much if those other seats remain in the hands of the current sitting Senators and Delegates…But if Ehrlich is willing to take that risk, and bang his head against the wall, I will too.


  3. justdafacts says:

    Fight with all you’ve got, Augie, but please don’t bang your head against the wall. Bob Ehrlich never banged his head against any walls; he just raised taxes, spent our money, and told his faithful AM radio listeners he was doing the opposite.

    – Lebowitz

  4. David says:


    I appreciate you looking out for my well being…really I do :). However, being a man of principle, and I believe that I am…I will vote my conscience and vote against any and all attempts to raise taxes, fees and fight to rid this government of irresponsible spending and enact policy that creates opportunity not burden.
    Many have told me should I win, you are sure to be under pressure to support things that you may not want to, “how will you handle that?”…With the risk of having said “egg on my face”…I can say I will not cave when it comes to the spending and taxes issue…They have enough of OUR money, they need to learn how to spend it.

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