Bring It Down!!!

Unless something changed in the last couple of minutes, I’m pretty sure that it is in fact illegal for a government funded school to endorse a candidate.  Sure, maybe a teacher’s union, but a school?  Of course, one must ask the question, did the school give permission for it to be there, or did the O’Malley camp just think we might be too stupid to figure it out?  Either way, it must come down.  Call Mike Moehler at 410-887-3351 and ask him to send out an inspector to Hillcrest Elementary School on Frederick Rd in Catonsville.  They can’t miss it, just look for the big green sign.

Not that I’m willing to overlook all the other illegal signs here and there through out our district.  However, most of them are small yard signs and the line between county property and private property can sometimes be a bit vague.  But you can’t overlook a 4×8 sign blatantly placed on publicly owned property.

It’s bad enough that this man technically represents me, despite the fact that he could give a crap less about me simply because I’m a registered Republican, but to have to drive by the school my kid will attend in the fall and see that sign is an insult to me and my family.  Take it down, Mr. Moehler, take it down!
Thanks Augie for the picture!  Correction: Thanks Art for supplying Augie who supplied me with the picture.


4 Responses to Bring It Down!!!

  1. Art Hebbeler says:

    Actually, I sent the photo to Augie

  2. laura says:

    I’m calling-Now!

  3. laura says:

    The inspector will be out today as there have been numerous complaints-just called!

  4. David says:

    They took the sign down…moved it ~250′ West on Frederick Rd, just off school property, near the entrance to Street Car (Trolley) path #8 which is…you guessed it Public Property….continue to make the calls!

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