Where’s the line and who’s crossing it?

I’m not one to keep things bottled up inside.  It’s simply not healthy.  When it comes to this particular issue, I have no choice but to bring it to light.  If you drive a car or walk on a street or have eyes to see, it’s hard not to notice the myriad of political signs multiplying by the day.  Most are legal and solicited.  Some are not, but that’s another blog altogether.

In this case, the sign itself is legal and people are certainly giving the candidate permission to put them up.  But do those home owners and businesses know that they are being duped?

As you already know, the PVRC has proudly and officially endorsed Dave Aughenbaugh and Al Nalley for the primary in the Maryland House of Delegates, District 12A, race.   The other contenders, Joe Hooe and Brian Matulonis, have been sending a bit of a false message, whether they come right out and say it or not.  Actually, I’m not sure that I can say much about Brian Matulonis.  He’s pretty much a ghost candidate, and from what I hear, a pretty stand up guy.

Have you seen this sign?

What is the first thing that pops in your mind when you see this sign?  Their all on a ticket together, right?  Not so much.  Neither Ehrlich nor Whisler were asked permission before displaying their names on this sign.  Not only that, but Hooe is approaching yards with Ehrlich and/or Whisler signs in the yard, telling them that he’s on their team, and asking if he can add his sign, which in some cases is replacing the original Ehrlich or Whisler sign.  Nothing ticks me off more than dishonesty and a lack of integrity.  Bottom line: Hooe is in this alone, which is ironically the way he likes it, according to sources who were around the last two times he ran.  He’s certainly not a team player.  Be warned my peeps or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


One Response to Where’s the line and who’s crossing it?

  1. June Koontz says:

    He not only is not a team player, but he is very dishonest and sneaky in my opinion. Only wish I could do something about him. Keep blogging and hope the word gets around. He would be the last person I would want to vote for. The only person he represents is himself.

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