The Official Endorsements



IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                             23 JULY 2010


CATONSVILLE, Maryland – The Patapsco Valley Republican Club (PVRC) has announced its endorsements of candidates for the Maryland Republican primary in September.

Candidates that received the club’s support included former Gov. Bob Ehrlich for Governor, Rick Martel for State Senate, Dave “Augie” Aughenbaugh and Albert Nalley for State Delegates in District 12A, Steve Whisler for Baltimore County Council, Ken Holt for Baltimore County Executive, Rich Reinhardt for Baltimore County Clerk of the Circuit Court, and Chris Cavey for Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.

“The upcoming primary is a very critical decision point for the future of both Maryland and Baltimore County,” Harry Korrell, president of the PVRC, said. “This state and county has been hit extremely hard for a number of years by out of control spending, increased taxes, governmental growth, and lost jobs,” Korrell added. “We believe that the candidates that we are endorsing for this upcoming primary will give our residents the best possible opportunity to correct these problems and put both the State of Maryland and Baltimore County back on track toward a healthier and more prosperous future.”

The PVRC voted on these endorsements during its recent monthly meeting. This was the first time in its history that the PVRC voted on endorsements for candidates for a primary election.

“Though we have not done this in the past, due to the issues that face both our state and county, we thought it was a necessity for us to go ahead now in endorsing candidates for this upcoming primary ” Korrell stated.

Bryan Sears wrote it up in his Strange Bedfellows blog today as well.


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  3. No endorsement for US Senate?

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