Then to Now, My Downward Spiral into a Political Addiction

I started blogging here last September.  Before that, I was completely naive to local politics, a stay at home mom tired of not being represented by her elected officials.  It was at the PVRC Patriot Day Reception that I threw all caution to the wind and dove in.  It’s been a downward spiral ever since, and I mean that in the best possible use of the term.   At first, this was a place I could simply vent my frustrations, but before I knew it, I was the Communications Director for the Whisler campaign.  I was revamping Happy Hour, attending tea parties, and running for Central Committee.  Now, I’m starting a political consulting business with my good friend, Betsy Merena.

I love politics, and it seems to love me as well.  Betsy and I are young, passionate, and probably a little too idealistic as well, which I’m sure that will wear off in time.  We probably take on too much, but it seems to work for us.  Whether we’re writing, designing, or planning, we love every second of it.  It’s exhilarating and addicting.  So why not make a living at it, right?  We have the experience, both inside and outside of politics.  We absolutely adore the work, and we have the time to invest. It’s an addiction that I’ll gladly continue to feed.

We’ve also taken on our first two clients, the PVRC being one of them.  We’re planning the Patriot Day Reception on September 11.  Isn’t that a little too ironic?  To come full circle, to kick off where it all started for me?  Of course we want you all to be there as well.  The theme is “A Night at the USO.”  Think WWII era, elegant dresses, dapper suits, and lots and lots of dancing.  You’ll be entertained as well as enlisted.  And for $60 a person ($100 for couples) it’s a steal.  I mean, really, where else can you go and taken in a show, h’orderves, and all the beer and wine you can responsibly drink?  Oh and did we mention where we’re having it?  The Rolling Road Golf Club.  Yep, doesn’t that just add to the excitement?  Contact me to today if you’re interested in tickets for you or a friend.  We’re also offering honorariums for people who are serving or have served in our armed forces.  For $10, we’ll highlight your hero for all to see.  Plus, for businesses, we’re offering sponsorships for as little as $75.

Oh and if you’re interested, check out our new business venture, Strategic Victory Consulting and pass on the news to a friend.  Our vision is to empower conservatives to victory, whether a candidate, incumbent, organization, or small business. We can help.  Okay, that’s my shameless plug.


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