Why Chris Cavey Gets My Vote

Politics are messy, even within our own party.  Given that we’re sorely outnumbered by the Dems, it actually disheartens me to see Republicans run against each other in a primary, especially when there are uncontested races through out the state.  But the truth is contested primaries are part of the democratic process, giving people a choice of whom they want representing them.

When it comes to the Central Committee, it becomes an even bigger issue on a microcosmic level.  These people are not just elected to represent my views, their elected to represent the party that I align myself with (most of the time, at least).  They’re job is to build the party, increase voter turn out, and do whatever it takes to get Republicans elected to office.

This year, our current Chairman of the Baltimore County Central Committee is running opposed by one, Tony Campbell.  There are many reasons why I support Chris Cavey, but I only need to tell you about one; he supported me.  I might seem driven and courageous on the outside, but diving into the political realm was no easy bout.  In fact, it scared the hell out of me.  Chris encouraged me to continue on, the face the obstacles, to not be deterred by the rhetoric,  to brush aside the day to day mess of politics and move on.  I would not be where I am today without his ability to nurture and coach.  It was him who encouraged me to run for Central Committee and called me right after we started Strategic Victory Consulting (shameless plug) to congratulate us and offer his expertise.  I admire and respect this man and encourage you to offer up your vote as well on September 14th.

Now, on the other side of the coin, I could also give many reasons why I don’t support Tony Campbell, but I really only need to give one.  I don’t know Tony, never met him, and the only time I’ve heard his name mentioned in the last year was in reference to President Barack Husein Obama.  Until he decided to run for Chair of the Central Committee, I didn’t need to know why or how he was somehow linked to Obama, now I do.  It turns out that Tony led the “Republicans for Obama” campaign in 08′.   Need I say more?   I take very seriously the fact that when I’m on the Central Committee, I represent Republicans in my district.  I seriously doubt that the majority of the Republican’s in Tony’s district were in favor of this alliance with one of the most liberal men in our country, a president hellbent on tearing down the American dream.  I don’t care how valiant his rationale seems, I can’t in good conscience allow a man like that to chair my party.  It’s pure insanity.

On September 14th, I will cast my vote for Chris Cavey for Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, and I encourage you to do the same.  Given his position with the Ehrlich team, he’s unable to run his own campaign.  Please consider doing something to help spread the word.


8 Responses to Why Chris Cavey Gets My Vote

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    • J D says:

      since Cavey has been running things, the numbers for the Republicans in Baltimore County have continued to fall. I have 2 friends that are precinct captains with the Virginia Republican party, and another very active in PA. To a person, they say that within their circles, the MD Republican party as it is currently constituted, is a joke. They have faced many of the same obstacles, but have managed to overcome them. Many candidates running in the county have received no help from Chris. The last thing we need is a narcissi continuing to run the central committee. I am supporting Tony Campbell. Don’t care about his support of Obama. Against MCcain, it did not matter. In fact Obama has done more to bring conservative together than McCain ever could have….
      The AFP have grown, while my old Republican Party continues to crumble….

      • JD, thanks for dropping by. I wish it were on different grounds, but hey, at least you’re here right. Here’s the thing, I got involved in politics just about a year ago. I decided I wanted to blog, just to let off steam. I happened to be volunteering with the PVRC at the Catonsville Arts and Crafts festival and mentioned my desire to write. One of the members, and now very close friend of mine, said, “hey, why don’t you write for our blog.” A year later, I am so involved in local politics, I’m not sure where it ends and I begin. I didn’t need Chris Cavey or anyone else in the “RNC” to make that happen. If you want to get involved in your area, then just do it. There are clubs everywhere. Quite frankly, it’s not Chris’s job to recruit individual people to be volunteers.

        Once I was involved, blogging, attending meetings, working on a campaign, organizing happy hours, Chris sought me out and encouraged me to run for Central Committee, which I did. Here’s my thing about Campbell. One, he’s not on the Central Committee at all. Two, I don’t care if he voted for Obama. I care that he wants to represent all Republican’s in Baltimore County. That is not a job for someone who would even remotely consider leading a group to vote for a Democrat. Period.

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  3. J D says:

    I am 47 years old and have owned 2 businesses in the county, hold an MBA and am a life long Republican. I tried to contact Chris in January of 2009 about becoming more active in the party. This resulted in silence. I was actively involved in contacting my Representative Dutch Ruppersberger (I use representative very loosely).
    On one occasion Dutch called my house and asked that I set up a time to contact him about my concerns. I e-mailed Chris regarding this matter, and once again heard nothing.
    This would have been a golden opportunity for the RNC to be present during the call, enabling them to hear in his own words why he supported healthcare and the myriad of government spending programs. Can you imagine the adds the RNC could have put together to run against Dutch. Of course this was a mute point. When I finally did hear from Chris, he said there was no need to run against Dutch, his district was too solid. Really, that is the response from the supposed leader of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee. The Baltimore County Republican Party has been going down hill under Chris and the numbers bear out this fact. I have heard from many local businessmen, the ones that Bob chastised for not being more active. They have had the same experience with Chris. I have also spoken with many of the other committee members and candidates running for elective office throughout the county who feel that Chris’s attentions lie elsewhere. While I am sure that Chris personally is an outstanding individual, the last thing we need is a narcissi continuing to run the central committee. I am supporting Tony Campbell. If, at the end of the day Chris prevails, my money and connections will register as an Independent and I will be working exclusively with AFP….

  4. J D says:

    To clear the air, you are right Tony is not currently on the Baltimore County committee. He was, however, on the Republican Central Committee from 1998 to 2002. He was also a Bush appointee. He is a Profession Of PoliSci at Towson, and officer in the MD National Guard, and owns his own business. As far as O’Bama goes. O’Bama has done more to fire up voters than McCain could ever have done. I have been working the MD Republican booth at the State Fair. I have yet to speak with a candidate for county, state or national office that has anything remotely positive to say about Chris. These are people that are running in districts where the party was not going to oppose the Dems. To a person, they say Chris has offered little or no support. In our neighboring states, the republican party actively contacts local business for input and support. They work to ensure that all districts have competitive races. My friends to the south have run for seats just so they don’t go unopposed. They where asked and supported by the party to make sure this happened. I have an MBA and have owned 2 business in Baltimore County. When you operate a start-up, there is little time for your family. Trying to be politacally active is not an option. My friends to the south had the party knocking on their door. They made an effort to find out how the party could help. For this effort my friends help the party financial. The MD Republican party is loosing traction and has been for years. Yet, local groups such as Americans’ For Prosperity continue to grow. Again, I am sure that Chris is a great individual. However, the numbers for Baltimore County over his tenor do not support keeping him in office.
    By the way, Barbara has been in the Senate for years. I don’t suppose that you support leaving her in place. Who ever opposes her will have no experience in the Senate either….

  5. JD, is that second link your own blog? Cute. No offense but sending me to 2 blogs is not pointing me to the facts. It’s called opinion, just like what you see here.

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