PVRC Logo Contest

In a world where branding is everything, the PVRC has decided to dive in.  In the coming weeks, you’ll notice several changes, a new website, a better Facebook presence, and an even more up to date blog.  But all of that starts with a new logo.  A logo helps determine the color scheme of a website and the layout of printed materials.  It’s the foundation of the brand.

With this in mind, we thought we’d throw it out to the friends of the PVRC.  We know that talent and creativity surrounds us, so why not have a contest?  Winner gets an amazing prize pack including one ticket to our 3rd annual Patriot Day Reception, A Night at the USO.

Here are the details, submit all ideas and artwork to Hillary by August 20th.  At that point, we’ll pick the top three and post them to the blog.  Then you guys get to decide which one you like best.  Winner will be announced by August 24th.  Due to the fact that we really want to get moving on this branding process without stifling the creativity, we may close the contest early if we 1) have no entries by mid next week or 2) have three we already like, so don’t procrastinate.  Get your entries in as soon as possible.

Please direct all questions to Hillary Pennington or Betsy Merena. Good luck!


2 Responses to PVRC Logo Contest

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  2. David says:

    I’m in….what a wonderful idea!

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