Just a little Quirky

So last night my husband, Paul, and I attended the candidate forum in Relay (same zip code as Halethorpe).  Candidates for county council, state delegate, county executive and senate were each given 4 minutes to introduce themselves, their platform and answer two pre-assigned questions.  It was a fast-paced night, and you could tell that the candidates were all struggling with the 4 minute time limit.  Paul and I already know who we’re voting for, so we were there mostly to support our candidates.

The really interesting part of the evening happened after the formal forum, during the meet-and-greet session when the candidates were available to field some one-on-one questions.  After saying goodbye to our fellow campaign team members, Paul and I headed for the exit.  However, the candidate standing by the door was none other than Tom Quirk (one of the 4 democratic candidates for county council).  It was an unavoidable situation, but he greeted us pleasantly enough (at first).

“Hi, I’m Tom Quirk.  I know you’re Whisler supporters, but one nice thing about county council is that we all basically want the same things.”

At this point, my husband had that look on his face that said, “I’m not so sure about that…”

“And I just want you to know that if I’m elected, I’ll be representing all people.  Democrats, Independents and Republicans.

And by now, my husband’s expression went from, “Not so sure about that” to “Now I know you’re lying.”

“Well, how do you feel about reforming the pension and benefit package for Baltimore County council members?” I asked.

“I would be open to that,” Quirk said (as he knew that’s what I wanted to hear).  But he attention on me was waning as potential voters were exiting the building to his right and left (imagine his dismay).

In fact, as he answered my question (without any real explanation on what kind of reform he would be open to, I might add), he turned his head and entire body around to ensnare the next victim… I mean constituent, in some sort of “make sure you vote for me” prattle.

Paul and I stood there, dumbfounded by his blatant rudeness, for a few seconds.  When we were certain he would not be turning around to bid us au du, we left… laughing to ourselves.  So much for “representing all people” huh, Quirk?

Moral of the story?  Vote for Steve Whisler.


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