Patuxent Publishing Endorses Augie

Patuxent Publishing (AKA Catonsville Times and Arbutus Times) came out with their endorsements for the upcoming Primary election yesterday.  Our very own, Dave “Augie” Aughenbaugh was among the endorsed.  Congratulations Augie and Good luck.

We, of course, hope that all right-minded Republicans will give their votes to both Augie and Al Nalley, as they are the choice of the Patapsco Valley Republican Club.   And we’d like to invite everyone to join us for a Victory Celebration after the polls close on September 14th.  We’ll be at Loafer’s Lounge on Rte 40 in Catonsville with free apps and drinks.  So come on down and watch the results come in.  Aren’t you guys ready for a victory?  I know I am.

Here’s what the Times had to say about our boy, Augie:

District 12A straddles the border between Howard and Baltimore counties. The four Republican contenders split along geographical lines, with two Lansdowne residents and two Catonsville.

We’re splitting that ticket in endorsing Brian Matulonis, from Lansdowne, and David Aughenbaugh, from Catonsville. Both are newcomers to the political scene.

As fresh faces, they bring a better chance for a Republican victory, as both Albert Nalley and Joe Hooe have been rejected by area voters in past elections.

In addition to offering a broader perspective in terms of geography, this combination would also bring complementary skill sets…

Aughenbaugh has some concrete ideas about managing the state’s finances that would at least provide a jumping-off point for negotiation. As an engineer for Verizon, he certainly has some knowledge that would prove valuable as the legislature delves into telecommunications issues.


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