No Better Way to Fire Me Up

A big thanks to JD who has been campaigning here for Chris Cavey’s competition, Tony Campbell, for the last couple of week.  He sent me to an article where Tony lays out his qualifications to be Baltimore County Republican Central Committee Chair (Oh and while I’m on this topic, shame on Pat McDonough for endorsing the guy). Qualifications?  All you have to do to be my leader is be more conservative that me (and this is no easy task, peeps).  All you have to do is stand up for conservative values and support Republican candidates, no matter what.  That’s it.  Simple task, right?

Maybe not so much for Tony Campbell.  Let’s start with Obama.  In 2008, Tony Campbell led the Republicans for Obama group, rallying in support of the man who is single-handedly (okay, so he might have some help) destroying the very fabric of our culture and freedoms.  Campbell might have his reasons, but quite honestly, none of them are good enough for me.  If you represent the Republican Party, at any level (this goes for you too Steele), you hold to the party line and you support the party and it’s candidates regardless.  There is not jumping ship, not even for one candidate, and certainly not for Obama.  That alone is enough for me.  Here’s a press release for one of his rally’s back in ’08.  It’s like leading sheep to slaughter.

February 8, 2008

Baltimore, MD – The Republicans for Obama organization announces the first bi-partisan joint campaign event of the 2008 Presidential campaign. The event is hosted by the Students for Obama club of Towson University. The event is scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday, February 10th at Freedom of Speech circle (adjacent to Hawkins Hall).

Antonio Campbell, one of the national officers of Republicans for Obama and the Maryland State Director, says “Senator Obama has demonstrated a style of leadership that is principled, steady, and is a breath of fresh air in today’s partisan atmosphere. Republicans for Obama believes that once Republicans get a chance to know Obama, the opportunity for an Obama presidency will become a reality.”

Scheduled to speak: The Honorable Elijah Cummings and Towson Students for Obama organizer, John Kyriacou.

Location: Towson University (Hawkins Hall)- 8000 York Road
Date and Time: Sunday, February 10th, 2008 – 1 p.m.

They said they’ve addressed this topic, so now it’s a mute point?  Hello, it’s the only point, peeps.  Who’s to say that a couple years down the road Tony decides that he actually likes the Democrat over the Republican?  What then?  Seriously, my blood is boiling right now.

Okay, let’s switch gears a bit.  One of Campbell’s complaints against Cavey (VOTE FOR HIM) is that no Republicans have won in the last 8 years that he’s been in office.  Seriously?  Tony, you know that we live in Maryland right?  A dark blue state?  And in the last 8 years, up until you helped get Obama into office, even Republicans haven’t been voting for Republicans (case in point).  So combine an a dark blue state with an anti-Republican climate and what do you get?  A deeper shade of blue.  The Republican Party of Baltimore County should get mad props for not losing the precious few seats that is does have. Oh and Tony, if you’re going to point fingers, you should really start pointing them at every single member of the Central Committee.  It’s not like Chris appointed them and he certainly shouldn’t be held responsible for all of their actions (or inactions in some cases). A few of those people were like dead fish until you came around.  Now all of a sudden, they’re on fire?  I guess I should thank you for that.

In a few short weeks, we’re going to gain a few seats in Baltimore County, on the council and in the state house.  And you know who gets the credit for that? Everyone! From Chris to the members of the Central Committee (well, most of them) to the local clubs and chapters to those of us who simply had a fire lit up under our assess.  We all get the credit.  Electing a Republican is Baltimore County is no easy feat, but we’re going to do it.
Here’s my last question of the night.  Why does a candidate for the Republican Central Committee Chair need to host a $50 a plate (actually I think it was reduced to $40) fundraiser?  Just think of what our actual candidates, those that have the opportunity to replace a Dem in Annapolis or Towson, could do with that money?  That’s mailers and yard signs, print ads and bumper stickers.  Some of us are on the front lines, busting our butts to get these men and women elected and your worried about a Chairman position?  Seriously?  I applaud Chris Cavey for staying above the riff raff, for focusing on his job (to get REPUBLICANS elected) and being the leader that he is, one that leads by example.


One Response to No Better Way to Fire Me Up

  1. Your fired up and so am I. I heArd the 3 stooges Were bad mouthing Chris and spreadind lies at the state fair. I am doing everything I can writing to get Chris elected.
    My level of frustration with Georgie and mark those traitors is enormous.

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