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Most people don’t even know that we have a Republican Central Committee, much less what it does.  I have to say that since the ballots went out a couple weeks ago, my friends are like, “Whoa, that’s actually an elected office?”  “Are you going to be a politician now?”  First of all, let’s dispel that rumor right now.  At this point in my life, I have no desire to run for political office.  Phew, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to more important matters.

You may have heard that Tony Campbell has received a couple key endorsements from popular Republicans in the county.  Honestly, I have to say that if I lived in those delegate’s districts (which I don’t because remember, there is not a single Republican representing me from the bottom of the food chain to the top…yet) I’d be inclined to stop supporting them.  How can you endorse a man who led your people astray in 2008?  It’s really that simple.  He was the Maryland Chapter Chair for “Republicans for Obama” during the last election.  Shouldn’t that “qualification” alone like disqualify him from even running?

Chris Cavey is a strong leader, a dedicated worker, and a true conservative.  And here’s some more people (who have not lost their minds) who think so.

A Letter From Joan Wood speaking on behalf of the vast majority (save 2) of the current and future Central Committee (probably the most important endorsement of all.  No offense Mr. Governor):

I am most disturbed by the recent endorsement made by Delegates Pat McDonough and Rick Impallaria.

They are asking you to vote for Tony Campbell for Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.

I wonder if Mr. McDonough or Mr. Impallaria are aware or care that Mr. Campbell is against the Arizona bill.  I thought they both were strong supporters against illegal immigration.

Tony Campbell to my knowledge has done nothing for the Republican Party in the last two years.

As most of you are aware Woody and I are very active members of the Republican Party.  Woody has been a Central Committee Member for the last eight years and I was appointed just recently.  We both have worked and are now working on many campaigns, have attended many club events, fund raisers etc.

I just recently met Mr. Campbell. Prior to this meeting I had never seen him at any event.  Not a fund raiser, not a club meeting and especially not at a Central Committee meeting for which he now claims to have all these great ideas for “hope and change”.

I would like Mr. McDonough, Mr. Impallaria or Mr. Campbell to tell me exactly what he has done to help our party, and why he is qualified to be chairman of the Central Committee. Why has he not come to the Central Committee meetings and presented his ideas?  Has he recruited candidates to run for office? Has he worked on any recent campaigns? Has he been involved in any clubs? Has he contributed in any way to any campaign, club, or candidate?  What exactly has Mr. Campbell done for the Republican party in the last several years……………oh wait I know……………..he formed the group “Republicans for Obama” how silly of me to forget.

Woody and I, as well as the majority of the Central Committee (except two) give our full endorsement to our current chairman: CHRIS CAVEY.  We ask if you have not already voted in the primary election and you live in Baltimore County please vote for:

CHRIS CAVEY for Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.

As for Mr. McDonough and Mr. Impallaria vote your conscience.

By the way how is that “Hope and Change” working for everyone these days?


A Letter From Bob Ehrlich:

Dear Friends,

This election cycle is one of the most important in recent times.  Citizens of Maryland are looking to lower their taxes and to restore sound fiscal government.  Republicans across Maryland are working hard to break through the barrier of single party dominance in Annapolis.

Over the past seven years no one in Baltimore County has worked harder for these goals than your current county Central Committee Chairman, Chris Cavey, a leader I whole-heartedly endorse for re-election.

Under his leadership, the Baltimore County Republican Party has raised money for candidates and voter registration at a greater rate than their Democrat counterparts.  They have won statewide awards such as “County of the Year” and “Greatest percentage of increase of voter registration by a County Organization.”

Chris Cavey has brought national figures, such as John McCain, Ken Melhman and Dana Perino into Baltimore County for fundraising events.  In August 2009 he organized a protest against the expansion of the federal government at Towson University that garnered national press coverage.

His leadership extends to GOP organization on statewide levels as well.  Chris was the Chairman for John McCain in Maryland and First Vice Chair of the Maryland Republican Party.  In December 2009 he wrote MDGOP’s campaign plan for this election year as well as organizing the Maryland GOP Convention this Spring.

The office of County Central Committee Chairman is near the end of your Primary ballot, but it is very important.  I urge you to cast your vote for someone who has dramatically contributed to our party in Baltimore County; someone who also has the vision and experience to continue on that path to victory – Chris Cavey.

Thank you,

Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.

A Letter From Andy Harris (Soon to be US Senator):

Dear Friends,

On Primary Election Day there will be many names on your ballot some of which you might not recognize – yet are very important.

Near the end of the ballot we will have the opportunity to vote for party offices – the dedicated folks who are the local arm of the Republican Party. I would ask that you cast your vote for: Chris Cavey as Chairman of the Republican Central Committee.

Chris is a dedicated man who has faithfully served our party for many years. He has organized and fundraised for Republicans at all levels, including being John McCain’s Chairman for Maryland.

He is the current County Chairman, a former State Party Officer and has been a Delegate to the Republican National Convention twice. His leadership on a county level has been exemplary and Baltimore County needs him to continue as our Chairman of the Republican Central Committee.

I wholeheartedly endorse Chris Cavey and I urge you to vote for Chris on Tuesday September 14 – Primary Election Day.

Thank you,
Sen. Andy Harris


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  2. J D says:

    Welcoming Tony Campbell, while recognizing and thanking Chris Cavey…

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