The Un-Truth Truth Squad Strikes Again

At a debate on Saturday afternoon, in a beautiful backyard on Forest Drive, in Catonsville, two candidates came to the table to debate the issues most vital to the first district.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the stay the entire time.  Surely something must have changed from the time I left until the end, because according to Quirk’s Facebook page, he won the debate.  Interesting how he went from flat out lying to winning.  I’m pretty sure this win was all in his head though.

Since I can’t recount the entire debate, allow me divulge just a few hard facts.

The candidates started out talking about why they entered the race.  Quirk’s answer surprised me a bit.  It seems he just up and decided to run one day when the going got tough for the rest of us.  I’m sure it had nothing to do with any political aspirations he’s had since he moved into the area 8 years ago.  You know that four years ago he ran for the Democratic Central Committee and lost, right?  Funny how most of his “resume” was built in the years since his last loss.  But that must just be a coincidence.

My second and last point lies within a, well, lie.  He said that 84% of his contributions came from individuals.  “I encourage everyone to go the Maryland Campaign Finance website and look it up for yourself.”  Okay, Tom, that’s just what we did.   You know what we found?  Seems Tom needs to retake some math classes, because it turns out 48% of his donors are businesses, 75% of them donated on one evening back in late ’09 at a $1,000 a plate fundraiser hosted by Quirk’s “fundraising chairperson,” David Gildea, a development lawyer from Towson.

When asked the question about his top 5 contributors and how they would affect his candidacy, Tom skirted the question, immediately on the defensive.  Why?  What does he really have to hide?

Here are his top 5 donors?

1. Elizabeth Parham, $4,000, individual, donated on 11/19/09 (the same night at the Smith/Gildea fundraiser.  Can’t really find out much about her from Google, but it begs the question: Why was she at a fundraiser to which developers and their allies were invited?

2. Thomas Morris, $2,000, individual, also donated on 11/19/09.  Thomas Morris owns Thomas D Morris Inc, a company out of Reistertown (note: not in our district) that supplies “large domestic animals-cattle, sheep, swine, and goats (other species by request)-that have been bred specifically for research needs.”

3. Macro Holdings Property Development, $2,000, business entity, also donated on 11/19/09.  Macro Holdings is a  company based out of Ellicotty City (again out of district), who happens to develop and finance Sonic Restaurants through out Maryland.

4. Sibel Enterprises, $2000, business entity, also donated on 11/19/09.  Can’t find much information about this company as well, but I do know that they are also based out of district in Owings Mills, and they’ve given money to Kamenetz and O’Malley as well.  Gee, no strings attached there, right?

5. Gwynn Mill Joint Venture llc, $2000, business entity, also donated on 11/19/09.  Again it’s a bit of an allusive company, and I thought Google was so thorough.  Regardless, I’m seeing a pattern here in that they’re also not in our district.

Funny how Tom didn’t mention a single one of these donors at the debate the other day, not a single one.  All 5 gave on the same night, at the same place.  All 5 have contributed to other Democrat’s campaigns around the state.  All 5 are outside of our district.

In case you think I’m picking an choosing to make it look worse than it is.  There were 5 contributors at the $2,000 level, all of which were given on 11/19/09.  The next lowest from from The Friends of Jim Smith at $1,500.

Maybe Tom has access to a different site than the rest of us, one where 84% of his contributions comes from individuals from his community.  He mentioned Dimitris and One Mile West as some of his top contributors.  I can’t find Dimitris on his report anywhere and One Mile West contributed $500…not exactly at the top.

I challenge each of you to do exactly what Mr. Quirk told you to do…go look it up for yourself.


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