Struck Down But Not Destroyed

So we lost…now what?  The answer is simple.  We pick ourselves up, brush off the dirt, take a few deep breaths and keep moving forward.  We might have lost, but we certainly have many victories to celebrate, no matter how small.   I’ll get into the details later, but wanted to pop in and invite you all to get involved in the grassroots movements around you.  Let’s take that momentum we had on November 2 and roll it on over into a new season, a season where we will continue to kick ass and take names.  And don’t sit there and think, “Ah, we’ve got four years.  What’s the rush?”  We have a lot of work to do, and four years is going to fly by.

Start by getting involved with the Patapsco Valley GOP.  It’s not just a club…it’s a movement.  We’re meeting tomorrow night at the Bloomsbury Community Center at 7 pm.  I dare you to just poke your head in and see what it’s all about.


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