Shaking It Up

I’m coining it now. Mark my words…this is going to be the year we shake things up.  Um, Hillary, aren’t you a little but late?  The election was last week and in Maryland, at least, we kind of lost.  Yes, yes, I get that.  It’s not like I slept through it, but one of the things that has arisen out of last week’s anti-incumbent passover (in that it passed over Maryland), is this idea of party versus principle.  I spoke about it just after the primary when one of my favorite candidates lost to a man lacking integrity and team spirit.   In local campaigns across Maryland, people rose up and got involved, not because they felt a duty to their party, but because they stirred deep within by principle.  Interesting concept, right?  Then why does it seem like there is such a disconnect between the establishment Republican party in Maryland and the people that busted their asses in this last cycle?

Across the board, from the MDGOP to county central committees to local R-clubs, it’s time to shake things up.  It’s time to figure out a way to all work together and I don’t mean for us passionate ones to simply fall in line.  It seems to me that we can’t begin to take down the D-machine without first being aligned within our own party.  Personally, I feel like the Republican party in Maryland is in an identity crisis of it’s own.  And that’s completely healthy.  We need to go through this, sort though the inconsistencies and move forward.  We need vision, leaders who will think outside the box, who can mobilize forces, energize troops, and unify the party.  I am in no way advocating that we break off and start a new party.  Maryland is a one party state as it is.  Developing a third party would only make this state even more blue and that would be detrimental.  I’m already shuddering at the thought of what’s to come in the next 2 or so years, higher taxes, even further gerrymandering, possible bankruptcy?  That’s enough to give anyone nightmares, and yet the majority of people in this state continue to vote them in.  Ridiculous.

So what’s the agenda that will shake things up?  You’re just going to have to wait and see I guess.  At this point, I’m really not at liberty to say, but stay tuned.  We’re going to keep things very, very interesting here on the PVRC blog.  However, if you’d like a sneak peak, I’d highly suggest you attend tonight’s PVRC meeting at 7:00 pm at the Bloomsbury Community Center.  Seriously…come!


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