Young Blood Goes Straight for the Top

Last night at the monthly PVRC meeting, Mike Esteve, current Chairman of the Maryland Federation of College Republicans, announced his candidacy for the MDGOP chairman.

This 20 year old go-getter has done more in his youth than most of us attain in years of political advocacy.  The question remains though, can he bring true leadership to an already struggling party?

I’ve known Mike personally for a while and I have to say that despite his youth, he certainly has the fortitude and guts to bring about much needed change in this state.  Of course, even Mike understands what he’s up against.  Big names have been rumored to be throwing their hat in as well, people that have been around Maryland GOP politics for many years.  My question is this: do we need more of the same?  Will that really shake things up in this state?

Mike brings vision, youth, a squeaky clean slate, and quite frankly, balls.  He’s not ignorant or naïve though.  He is fully aware of the challenges before him.  Chances are, he’ll get clobbered in this venture.  Most people won’t even take him seriously simply because of his birthdate.  If we’re all standing around complaining about the establishment, the top down mentality, why then are we unwilling to challenge the process? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  How will we ever truly succeed in turning Maryland a shade of purple if we’re unwilling to try new things? If we’re unwilling to challenge the status quot? If we’re unwilling to take risks?

I get that there’s a pecking order, but who’s to say we can’t challenge it.  For a 20 year old, Mike has an impressive resume including working on several campaigns, as well as single handedly organizing the tea party in Baltimore.  What he lacks in birthdays, he makes up for in vision.

Last night as he spoke we could all feel the energy welling up within us.  We could see the path ahead and though the terrain was rough and unchartered, you got the sense that no one seemed to care.  They were willing to follow where ever this man would lead.  And that’s saying a lot considering the room was filled with people who were just beginning to peak out from under their post-election hiding places.

I challenge you to this: Don’t judge a book for it’s shiny new cover.  Maybe it’s time we buy a book that doesn’t have a weak spine, loose binding, or missing pages.  Maybe it’s time to reestablish the establishment.  Just a few minor thoughts.


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