The Downward Spiral of PG County Continues

Today nine more people were arrested in PG County, three of which were police officers.   Now we have cops involved in helping to smuggle cigarettes and tobacco to evade taxes.  Is anyone else out there just scratching their heads?  What the hell is going on down there?  And can I just ask this question?  Why wait until after the election to make the sting?  Clearly the feds have been watching them for a while.  Were they just waiting for underwear and toilets  to enter the picture before they could act?

And Dems demonize us.  Interesting, really!  This type of corruption WOULD NOT HAPPEN IN A BALANCED, TWO PARTY STATE.  Sure, there’s corruption in politics even when there is representation from the other side.  It’s sad but when people believe they’re above the law, what do you expect?  We see the same sort of crap in Hollywood.  The difference is this:  there are absolutely no checks and balances in PG County.  If I were a betting woman, I’d say there’s more to this mud pit then meets the eye.  There’s probably so many people with their hands in the cookie jar of corruption, it’s not even funny.  And it wasn’t funny to begin with.  I’m not saying that there aren’t corrupt Republicans.  We’re all human and we’re all capable of doing wrong.  But I wonder (and I have not studied this scientifically) if you were to do case studies on corruption in politics, what would you find?  Would you find that it festered in places where both sides were equally represented?  My guess…not so much. Misdeeds are not fond of the light, and when you have people of differing opinions breathing down your neck, it’s a little hard to hide all those imperfections.

So why is it that places like PG County continue to vote in one stinking party?  Are they uneducated?  Are they so indebted to the Democrat party that they can’t imagine voting for anyone else?  Is it a race issue?  I really don’t think so.  Do you know why?  The people of Prince Georges and other neighboring counties had the opportunity to vote for a black congressman, a man who was running against an old, white man.  What was wrong with Charles Lollar?  It certainly wasn’t the color of his skin as I’m pretty sure that African Americans make up a large part of the vote in PG County.  No, it was because he had an R next to his name.  Same thing happened to Michael Steele in 2006.  Young, energetic black man running against a slightly older than middle aged white man and he lost.  I remember watching African American leaders referring to Steele as an Oreo, black on the outside and white on the inside.  Now, there is no mistaking.  I’m a white girl.  Can’t change that.  Had no say in that, but hearing a man like Steele be harassed because he had the gall to be black and a Republican was absolutely disgusting to me.

You can’t convince me that it’s a race issue.  It’s not.  It’s a one-party brainwashing issue.  The people of PG, Montgomery and Baltimore City have bought into a big, flipping lie.  Somehow they believe that the Dems are there saviors.  Let me ask this.  Are they better off today?  Or are they stuck in an endless cycle, always dependent on the government to survive.  Really, what have the Democrats done for them?  Seriously!  Someone please explain to me what exactly is so great about the Democratic party.  They’re no different today than when they were standing on the steps of schools in Alabama opposing the end of segregation.  They just got better at hiding their true desire to enslave those less fortunate then them.  And it’s true, they don’t discriminate.  They don’t care what your race is or your gender, your economic status or your sexual preference.  They want to enslave you all, wringing the wallets of those that have and those that work while hypnotizing the less fortunate with milk and honey.  It kind of reminds me of the Matrix.  What they don’t see won’t hurt them right?

Except we can see, and with the help of the web and free media, word spreads rather fast.  Those of us unplugged have a message to send.  Beware peeps.  Their are some mighty hungry watchdogs monitoring your every move.  A word to the wise, for those politicians up here in Baltimore County, who might be tempted to take a payback or a bribe, beware.  We’re watching.



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