Rangel Him Up and Send Him Home

It’s not often that we reach outside of the state of Maryland for stories.  Believe me, there is plenty to talk about within the confines of this so-blue-it’s-almost-black state, but given our recent posts on corruption and scandal among politicians, I thought it appropriate to comment on today’s events.

This morning, an eight person House Ethics panel found New York’s 20-term congressman, Charlie Rangel, guilty on 11 of the 13 financial and fundraising misconduct counts against him.  Now they must decide his punishment.   Here are some of the possible sanctions: a House vote deploring his actions, a fine, and denial of privileges.  Seriously?  That’s it?  You mean he gets to keep his job?  I bet the people of New York’s 15th District are overflowing with pride right now.  Wait a second, maybe they actually are considering they just reelected this man to office on November 2.  It’s a sad day for America when criminals can garner 80% of the flipping vote.  Literally, I’m sick to my stomach.

So did Charlie Rangel just decide to go the way of corruption?  Did he come to a fork in the road and choose the one less traveled by?  I think not.  The guy’s been in office for 40 years, long enough to figure out loop holes, strong arm nay-sayers, and pretty much develop such an ego that he feels he’s above it all. It’s actually amazing to me that it took them this long to actually catch the idiot.

The House Democrats should really be ashamed of themselves.  They purposefully held off this hearing until after the mid-term elections.  What was that thing we kept hearing about – transparency?  Hhmmm, haven’t seen much of that from Pelosi and her lackeys.  Here we have a man who should be behind bars and yet he’s going to get a slap on the hand and sent back to work.  So what if he gets fined?  He’ll just pull it from his vast reserves of undocumented money.  And privileges?  Sure it will suck for a while, but the man still gets a vote.  Corrupt politicians don’t care about disgrace.  It’s a small price to pay for power, right?

Rangel didn’t even show up for his trial.  Nope, I take that back.  He did show up, then walked out after the panel denied him a continuance because he could no longer afford his council.  Interesting?  You mean he didn’t save some of the money he was hiding from the IRS.  You’d think that in all that money he saved from tax evasion, he’d have something stored up for his own defense.  And what did he expect…a public defender?  It’s like these people don’t even live in reality.  If I was accused of crime, not only would there be criminal ramifications such as incarceration or probation, but the rest of my life would suffer.  As a small business owner, my credibility would be questioned and my business would most likely fall apart.  Who would trust me with their money if I were a convicted criminal?  I wouldn’t, and yet there’s this 20-flippin-term congressman in New York who not only violated the ethics of Congress, he broke the freaking law.  The man should be impeached, if that’s even possible, and sent home.



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