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Date: November 29, 2010

Contact: Brad Botwin, Director

240-447-1884, bb67chev@aol.com

Help Save Maryland Asks Governor O’Malley to Drop Charges Against Baltimore County Man Accused of Making "Threat"

ROCKVILLE MD – Help Save Maryland (HSM) asks Governor Martin O’Malley to drop charges against Walter Abbott, a Baltimore County man whose drywall business has been ruined by unfair competition from illegal aliens. The loss of his livelihood and home led Abbott to send an angry e-mail to Governor O’Malley on March 19, 2008. Abbott was subsequently arrested, held on $2 million bail and accused of threatening to "strangle" a public official.

"In no way does Help Save Maryland condone the use of threats and improper language," says Brad Botwin, HSM Director "But Mr. Abbott was understandably frustrated by the way unlicensed subcontractors hiring illegal aliens are allowed to undercut legitimate businesses in Maryland every day. State officials knowingly turn a blind eye to these labor and tax law violations. The fact that Mr. Abbott included his full name, address and phone number in his e-mail proves he was simply venting."

Mr. Abbott lost his first trial, but successfully appealed and is now scheduled for retrial on December 8, in the Circuit Court of Baltimore County, Towson.

Mr. Abbott and his entire family have suffered substantially, both financially and psychologically, for over 2 years. The State of Maryland should drop the charges against him immediately. To retry Abbott is a waste of Maryland’s resources, and makes Governor O’Malley look mean-spirited and petty.

"Instead, Governor O’Malley should take Mr. Abbott out for a ‘beer summit’ and listen to his story of the pain and suffering Maryland’s sanctuary status for illegal aliens or "New Americans" in O’Malley vernacular, is causing working-class citizens."

Help Save Maryland is a grass-roots, multi-ethnic, non-partisan, 501 (c) 3 volunteer citizens’ organization opposed to the use of tax dollars on programs and services for illegal aliens in Maryland. It has members in 23 counties plus Baltimore City.

For more information, visit www.HelpSaveMaryland.com


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