What about “Young Americans for Freedom”?

It’s no secret that the state of Maryland is the deepest of blues as far as political parties are concerned. For this reason, it is nearly impossible to have any red candidates elected in the metropolitan area and surrounding, which is where 2/3rds of the state’s population is located.

That is why there is such a need for the strong presence of Young Americans for Freedom within this state, particularly on college campuses. There is a certain stigma associated with the name “Republican,” causing people to turn away from it regardless of principle. Recently, this political party has lost its clout nationally, largely due to the fact that citizens in Maryland are unaware of what Republicans – or conservatives, libertarians, etc. – really stand for.

Young Americans for Freedom helps bridge this large gap while helping young people understand what they really believe. YAF’s mission is to instill in young people all over the nation the values and principles on which this nation was founded while keeping it fun and interesting. It helps to remove the focus from the two-party divide to focus on the principles that drive our decisions.

Several notable figures are involved in the founding of Young Americans for Freedom, including Barry Goldwater, Republican nominee for president in 1964, and one of the greatest and most successful conservative presidents in United States history, Ronald Reagan. These brilliant, conservative men were at the forefront of YAF, which would not be what it is today if not for them.

Currently, UMBC is working with Maryland YAF in starting our own branch in the near future. Myself along with several students, with the support of the UMBC College Republicans leadership are looking into starting our own chapter in an effort to create a larger presence of like-minded individuals who may not realize they are like-minded but really don’t want to associate with a party.

I am personally so excited to be working with this organization. Youth in Maryland will now have an outlet from which they can gather information on issues in such a way that does not have a political party attached to it. I cannot wait to see how YAF grows in this state, and what it will do to the grassroots conservative movement among college students and young professionals!

For any of you who are interested in learning more about this amazing organization can go to their website: www.yaf.com. There is also going to be a State Meeting for the Maryland YAF branch this Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 1pm at the Stained Glass Pub next to the Glenmont metro in Silver Spring. Please come if you want to learn more about how Young Americans for Freedom is looking to grow within Maryland.


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