UMBC YAF on Rep. Ron Paul’s removal

Rep. Paul at CPAC 2011

It has been just over a week since the national board of Young Americans for Freedom removed Republican Congressman Ron Paul from the national advisory board. This was not an easy nor was it a rash decision on YAF’s part. Rather, this action against Representative Paul was for the ultimate benefit of YAF’s future as a cohesive and strong organization. As a co-founder and leader of one of the first university branches of YAF in the state of Maryland, I would like to further explain this decision and offer support on behalf of UMBC Young Americans for Freedom chapter.

There is no doubt that Representative Paul has done wonderful things for his country. He stands firm in the constitution and believes in the traditional principles of American society. However, his stance on foreign policy, particularly when it comes to the War on Terrorism, is in stark and blatant opposition to the Sharon Statement, which is the foundation of YAF’s core values.

The reason that the YAF national advisory board decided to remove Rep. Paul from their ranks is because of his opposition to America’s foreign involvement in the Middle East. It is Rep. Paul’s belief that American foreign policies are the reason for the devastating terrorist attacks on the United States and our friends. Paul is such a strong anti-war advocate that he seems to deviate from the fundamental conservative principle to act militarily when the national security of our nation is at stake.

The Sharon Statement clearly lays out its principle on foreign policy: ‘American foreign policy must be judged by this criterion: does it serve the just interests of the United States?’ YAF believes that, while Islamist extremists want to harm our nation and our nation’s allies, the US is cannot stand by and wait for the next attack. Rep. Paul simply does not see it in this way.

Commenting on the removal of Rep. Paul is YAF’s Senior National Director Jordan Marks, who explained the disparity between YAF’s values and Rep. Paul’s anti-war sentiments further: “Freedom and prosperity cannot peacefully exist alongside radical Islam. It is unfortunate that Ron Paul – a member of the U.S. Congress – does not understand this. Surely, our enemies do.”

There is no doubt that the Young Americans for Freedom have received some undeserved backlash from this recent controversial decision. However, it is clear that the national advisory board was fully grounded in principle in this decision. As previously mentioned, Rep. Paul is a highly respectable man and there is no denying the work that he has done for this nation. His foreign policy stance simply does not align with the principles and core values of the Sharon Statement, which is YAF’s founding and guiding document.

Therefore, UMBC YAF joins the Maryland YAF in supporting of the national board’s decision.


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