PVRC: "aNew” Leadership Team

Recently, as you may have heard, the PVRC held it’s elections. Although the mission remains the same, the new leadership team will take the reigns from the old in hopes to make anew.


[uhnoo, uhnyoo]


1. over again; again; once more: to play the tune anew.

2. in a new form or manner: to write the story anew.

While the mission remains the same, we’ll focus on the latter definition of “anew”, in a new form or manner.

First, I want to recognize the previous leadership team(s) for creating and fostering the club through it’s infancy, the awkward years and it’s most recent adolescence. The charge of the new leadership team is to be aware of the importance of building coalitions in new and different ways, by incorporating new media, community outreach, and fundraising, as well as expanding the active participation of the club. This team will lead us out of adolescence and into maturity. How we label that will be defined by their success. I believe the general membership recognized that, and from within elected this new leadership team. At the very same time, they issued a challenge, a challenge that these very capable people will live up to, and likely surpass.


exec board

So to, Capt Harry Korrell – President, Leslie Tinker – Secretary, The Reinningers, Ree and Mike – Both serving as treasurers in the past term and Gary Smith – Sgt Sergeant of Arms and all previous leaders; thank you for your unique contributions and tireless efforts. We are forever in your debt for continuing to beat back the progressive attacks on our philosophies and standing firm in defense of our liberties. We are indebted to you and will count on your continued support. From time to time, we will seek your precious advice.

I would like to introduce to you your new leadership team, a fine mix of personalities with views that reflect a wide spectrum. Although we may not always agree on specific issues, we all agree that we must be unified and stand together as Republicans.

David Aughenbaugh – President

Stephan Chan – Vice President

Hillary Pennington – Secretary

Allison Baird – Treasurer

Gary Koloski – Sgt at Arms

Betsy Merena – Member at Large

David Camden – Member at Large

We challenge the single party rule within the great state of Maryland, and we seek to protect the very things that make us identify ourselves as Republicans. Our fight is for liberty. Our fight is for our inalienable rights and our fight is for the welfare and the protection of the people of our district and the American way of life. By taking a personal stake in our surrounding communities, we can make a difference. We need to prove that we are a viable, visible and worthy  organization. Only then can we expect, not only our fellow party members, but also the opposition, to take us seriously. We will be a force to be reckoned with.

While it may take some time to break the mold and step outside of our comfort zone, look for this team to create an environment that will focus on the following stems :

o Communicate

o Educate

o Activate

I hope that you share the excitement, as we do, and join us in our efforts. In the next few weeks we will undergo multiple changes to our media outlets, please be patient while we do a little housecleaning. I hope to see you soon. Please visit http://patapscovalleygop.org for more information.

In Liberty,

David Aughenbaugh


Patapsco Valley Republican Club


Baltimore County Night in Annapolis

Every year our legislators invite county Republicans down to the state capital for a chance to meet and chat with the who’s who of conservative Annapolis politics. 

This year’s reception will occur this coming Monday night from 6-8 pm in Rm 170 of the State House of Representatives building. 

This is a great opportunity to see how your government works.  You can tour the State House, see where sessions take place, meet with delegates and senators, and enjoy some very yummy food.  It’s well worth the trip.

For those of you wishing to carpool, contact Augie.  He has space for five and will be leaving the Catonsville area around 5:00 pm.

If you’re looking to drive on your own, you can either park at the Navy Stadium and take the shuttle over to the House building or you can park in a garage and walk over.  We hear Gotts Court garage is by far the cheapest.

We hope to see you there.  Seriously, don’t miss this great opportunity.

For Baltimore County Republican Central Committee members, a meeting will follow the reception. 

The MDGOP Line Up

Look at that, I complain about not knowing all the candidates and poof, this nifty pdf file just shows up in my inbox.  Hats off to Tom Henry for putting this together and Steve Chan for disseminating.

Read through it and let your Central Committee representative know who you would like to see if those roles.  We are, after all, elected by you to represent you as Republicans.  Unlike the actual elected officials in Towson, Annapolis and DC, I will actually listen to your ideas, concerns, and snide remarks and take them all into consideration.

I will warn you to make an informed decision.  This is not a popularity contest.

Clearing My Chest

If you haven’t heard about the recent upheavals in the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, you’ve probably been living under a rock and need to crawl out of it.  Maybe you don’t even know what the Central Committee is, what it does, or why it’s relevant.  If that’s the case, I was in the same boat a little over a year ago.  Augie and I have a plan to educate our base as to the inner working for both the state party and the central committee, but for now, just know that they’re important to our movement.  I’m not going to go into deep detail, one, because I can’t and two, because it’s not necessary.  But I do think it’s time I get a few things off my chest.

People say that the Dems must be having a love fest over all this elephant brawling, and maybe they are.  But it’s not like they have anything to boast about.  Seriously, working on the Whisler campaign, we saw all kinds of back stabbing and slander coming from the other side.  The difference was this; For the most part, they hide their animosity between a myriad of fake smiles and flat pleasantries.  I’ll give them this though, they certainly have mastered the art of keeping it all in the family, a lesson I believe the members of the Central Committee (including myself) are learning the hard way. 

Regardless of what has happened in the past, we have to find a way to move forward.  Frankly, we’re stuck together for the next four years and tasked with seemingly insurmountable assignments, raise money and get Republicans elected.  Neither of these goals would be easy to reach in the best of circumstances, and no one could call our present conditions anything close to good much less best.  Not only have we managed to make a mockery of ourselves in the local press, we’re also facing serious additions to the already bumpy road, AKA redistricting. 

Anyone care to hear my solutions?  A couple things come to mind.  For starters, we have to choose to be the bigger people.  Swallow our pride, extend the olive branch and do whatever the hell we can do to work together.  Basically, get over ourselves.  It’s not about us.

Secondly, I think it’s time to turn our attention to Annapolis.  This Saturday, all of the central committee members from across the state will descend upon the Doubletree Hotel to vote in a new MDGOP Executive Committee.  There are many candidates that have thrown their hats into the ring vying for such positions as Secretary, First, Second or Third Vice Chair, and most importantly, Chairman.  Most of these contenders are solid, credible activists with a genuine heart and commitment to the party as a whole.  And it’s up to us to decide who should reside over this party for the next four years. 

Now I’m not going to sit here and clamor on about who the best candidates are.  In fact, I don’t even know who all is in this thing.  I just know I get emails, letters, and a few phones call each day.  Seriously though, it seems like someone could come up with an Excel spreadsheet or something listing all the candidates.  Don’t look at me.  I hate Excel…just ask Leslie.  Point being, I don’t know even know who I’m going to vote for yet…except for who Mike Pappas tells me too (Right Pappas Smile).

When I first dove head first into politics, I thought the state party to be irrelevant.  I still do for the most part.  So, whoever takes over this new executive committee will be tasked with casting a widespread yet focused vision across the state that will inspire people like us to see the bigger picture.  Here in SW Baltimore County, we have one of the most amazing teams.  We’re passionate, hard working and quite frankly, we kick ass.  But not every area of the state operates that way.  And if we’re so disenfranchised from the state party that we develop a tunnel vision for our particular area, I’m quite sure that we’ll never win.  We have to be part of the bigger whole. 

If you’re able to make it down to the convention this weekend, look for your central committee members, Leslie Tinker, Steve Chan, Gloria Murphy, and me, Hillary Pennington.  We’d be happy to show you the ropes, listen to your input and even buy you a beer.  Oh, I forgot that part didn’t I?  Friday night is basically one big party, so definitely don’t miss that part. 

Stay tuned…it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  Make sure you don’t fall into a pothole.