Meet Our Bloggers

Here at the PVRC we are thankful to have a wide variety of contributions.  If you’d like to join our team, we’d love to consider you.  Simply write a blog entry on anything your heart desires that also happens to be current and political, and send it via email to Hillary, hillary@strategicvictoryconsulting.  If we like it and think it has a place here, we’ll publish it.  If you’re willing to contribute at least one post a week, we might even make you a contributor.

Now meet our bloggers:

Dave “Augie” Aughenbaugh:  Best known for his most current run in the Republican primary for state delegate for district 12A, Dave actually gave birth to this here blog.  He doesn’t believe in BS and feels free to tell it like it is.  Over the last year, he has risen up as a watchdog for our incumbent politicians and now that campaigning is out of the way, he’s more committed than ever.  Augie has already committed to second run for state delegate in 2014.

Hillary Pennington:  A year ago, Hillary was brand new to the political scene.  However, she quickly immersed herself in the process and it all started here with a couple passionate blog posts.  She joined the Whisler campaign as the Communications Director and is now serving both on the PVRC board as well as the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.  She also joined forces with Betsy Merena to form Strategic Victory Consulting, a firm committed to the success of both political organizations, candidates, and small businesses.

Betsy Merena: Rather new to the scene herself, Betsy brings ingenuity and spunk to a somewhat cynical field.  She worked on the Whisler campaign as well as lending her talents to the local Ehrlich communications team.  With a degree in English and a certain knack for explaining politics in a way the common folk can understand, Betsy is a perfect addition to our team.

Kristin Shields: A student at UMBC, Kristin is studying Political Science and Media and Communication Studies. Being a republican in college is very rare and can be a real challenge at times. She’s excited to start blogging and hope that every one of our readers will enjoy – or at least understand – what we have to say. This is a crucial time in Maryland state history, and it’s time for Republicans are stepping up to bat. Let’s play ball!


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