What Really Is Freedom?

God Bless America

Nothing in life comes without a price, not even freedom itself. I started thinking about this concept and the irony we face as we send our troops overseas and elect our officials here in the US…

Just a few weeks ago, a young man from my church suffered a tragic disaster. While serving in the military in Afghanistan, he accidently stepped on an IED. As a result, he has lost all of his limbs save for one arm. He is still in a coma; he is lucky to be alive. We are diligently praying for him to wake up to see his little girl again. This 22-year-old has given almost everything to ensure the safety of his fellow US citizens. There are countless stories just like this. Our family members, loved ones, friends, and strangers have given their lives for the protection and security of the greatest nation in the world. With the price of freedom so high, who are we to squander their sacrifice?

There are those in leadership positions of our government, local, state, and national, who do not hold the same American values that patriots like this man and our entire military force fight for on a daily basis. On the contrary, they prefer to focus on imposing govern

ment on the people, which leads to the destruction and devaluation of what makes this country what it is – liberty, freedom, independence, prosperity… this list goes on. It is such individuals and groups that fight to deteriorate what has kept this nation functioning on the basis of our Constitution since our Founding Fathers first drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

So while you sit down with your family and friends, eat a hotdog and a hamburger, drink your beer and cola, relax on your boat, watch those fireworks, and whatever else you do to celebrate Uncle Sam’s birthday, think about what is happening all around you: soldiers in armor are fighting overseas for your right to live freely while elected officials in suits are fighting to make sure that as many of those freedoms are smothered and removed completely. So this leaves us with the question: what is freedom? Is the price really right or is it truly worth what the young man from my church and those with him have sacrificed?

On this Independence Day, the 235th birthday of the United States of America, let yourself be thankful for everything we have accomplished… and what it has meant for and against the people’s freedom. Happy 4th of July.


Get Involved: Operation Welcome Home

This Wednesday, you have the opportunity to honor & remember the valiant souls that have served and sacrificed to keep us safe & our country free. Veteran’s Day often flies by, almost as an after thought in our minds.  Unless you yourself served or knew someone who had, this national holiday becomes  nothing more than the  the “biggest sale of the season” or yet another day off work.  I have to admit; I, myself. have been guilty of such.  I didn’t grow up in a military family per say.  My grandfather served in WWII, but living as a child in a world with no real concept of war, that seemed more like  folklore to me.  Veteran’s Day would come and go like a whisper in the wind.  As I’ve gotten older, especially considering the events of 9-11 and beyond, I’m much more aware of what’s going on around me.  War is a relevant term, not only to me, but even to the kids of this generation.  However, I still think we need to redefine the word veteran.  Many people still think of veterans as those who served in wars past.  While that is true, and those men and women deserve to be honored as much as any other, the enlisted returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are veterans as well.  They’ve earned the title, the respect and all that comes with it.  So, this Veteran’s Day (Wednesday, October 11), let’s honor ALL of our Veterans, all those who have gone to the extremes to ensure we don’t have to.

And look at that, I happen to know about a way you can show your support.  No, it’s not by putting a yellow ribbon magnet on your car.  It’s by packing up your friends and family and heading down to BWI Wednesday night at 7:00 pm to literally Welcome Home the troops. Visit the Operation Welcome Home Maryland webpage for details on what you need to do to participate in this momentous event.