What Really Is Freedom?

God Bless America

Nothing in life comes without a price, not even freedom itself. I started thinking about this concept and the irony we face as we send our troops overseas and elect our officials here in the US…

Just a few weeks ago, a young man from my church suffered a tragic disaster. While serving in the military in Afghanistan, he accidently stepped on an IED. As a result, he has lost all of his limbs save for one arm. He is still in a coma; he is lucky to be alive. We are diligently praying for him to wake up to see his little girl again. This 22-year-old has given almost everything to ensure the safety of his fellow US citizens. There are countless stories just like this. Our family members, loved ones, friends, and strangers have given their lives for the protection and security of the greatest nation in the world. With the price of freedom so high, who are we to squander their sacrifice?

There are those in leadership positions of our government, local, state, and national, who do not hold the same American values that patriots like this man and our entire military force fight for on a daily basis. On the contrary, they prefer to focus on imposing govern

ment on the people, which leads to the destruction and devaluation of what makes this country what it is – liberty, freedom, independence, prosperity… this list goes on. It is such individuals and groups that fight to deteriorate what has kept this nation functioning on the basis of our Constitution since our Founding Fathers first drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

So while you sit down with your family and friends, eat a hotdog and a hamburger, drink your beer and cola, relax on your boat, watch those fireworks, and whatever else you do to celebrate Uncle Sam’s birthday, think about what is happening all around you: soldiers in armor are fighting overseas for your right to live freely while elected officials in suits are fighting to make sure that as many of those freedoms are smothered and removed completely. So this leaves us with the question: what is freedom? Is the price really right or is it truly worth what the young man from my church and those with him have sacrificed?

On this Independence Day, the 235th birthday of the United States of America, let yourself be thankful for everything we have accomplished… and what it has meant for and against the people’s freedom. Happy 4th of July.



Here’s to all the men and women who have given their lives as a sacrifice for the freedoms we so often take for granted.  And for those of you who continue to put your lives on the line, we salute and support you in all that you do.  If it weren’t for you, there would be no picnicking or tailgating, pool parties or barbecues.   Our great country would be a scary place to live, work or even breathe.  Thank you for making it possible for us to bring up our children in a place where they have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What’s The Last Straw?

Or are we long past the end of our ropes?  I have to say that November 5, 2008 was a very sad day for me, but I have to admit that I was willing to give him a shot.  Maybe all the hype was a bit over the top.  Maybe Hannity and friends were in fact conspiracy theorists.  Maybe he would actually stick to his campaign promises.  As much as I tried to talk myself into believing that all would be well in this great country for the next 4 or, God-forbid, 8 years, I always carried this nagging feeling around with me, one that felt ominous at its core.

Fast forward 18 months and here we are, Obamacare literally shoved down our throats (a most ineffective and destructive plan that is supposed to be the salvation for our healthcare system), Sestak practically bribed to step out of the PA race against Benedict Arnold (um, I mean Arnold Spector), our very own citizens called racists for simply attempting to do what Obama wouldn’t, securing our borders.  And now, our noble and fearless leader breaks an age old tradition of honoring the men and women who have fallen in order to protect the liberties we so often take for granted.  Sure, he’s going to take a break from his vacation to run over to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery just south of Chicago, but he won’t be at Arlington National to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Before all of my typical naysayers start coming down on me for sounding petty.  Here’s the deal.  Obama decides to makes good on one of his “great” broken promises of his administration, to return home every 6 weeks or so, and he decides to do this on Memorial Day weekend?  First off, I can think of a myriad of other broken promises that would have carried more weight than a weekend visit to Chicago, which I’m sure costs the American people hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Second,  could he not have gone another weekend?  Does he have to break every American tradition?  Maybe he’s trying to set a record.

Memorial Day, Arlington National Cemetery, and the American President have been connected in one way or another since James Garfield presided over the Decoration Day (now known as Memorial Day) Ceremony in 1868.  This is not just some silly ceremony that is easily overlooked.  For nearly 150 years, Arlington has been a symbol of the sacrifices Americans have made for freedom.  I get that Obama isn’t really concerned with freedom, but at least he could pretend.  What about the families of fallen soldiers that congregate each year to be honored by their Commander in Chief.  In stead he sends Joe Biden?  Really?  Because he is such a great representative of the United States of America, a man who recently said that Brussels could arguably be the “capital of the free world.”

There really isn’t much more to say, is there?  I’m sure he’ll find a way to blame this one on Bush as well.