Baltimore County Council Stands Against the Dream Act (Well, Mostly)

On Wednesday, five of the seven Baltimore Council members not only pledged their support for the movement to bring the Dream Act (aka In-state Tuition for Illegal Immigrants) to referendum, but they also signed a letter urging county residents to sign the petition.  Republicans David Marks & Todd Huff, along with Democrats Bevins, Amman, and Olzewski committed their support in ink.

Sadly, missing from the mix was our very own Tom Quirk and our northern neighbor, Ken Oliver.  Does anyone want to garner a guess as to why Quirk would choose to remain in the minority and go against the rest of the council to stand by such an unlawful piece of legislation?

It’s curious to me that UMBC and CCBC just happen to reside in the 1st district.  We know from testimony in Annapolis that many colleges and universities from around the state were in favor of such legislation.  I’m not saying that UMBC and CCBC have in fact come out in support of the law, but I am saying that it’s a bit of a red herring.

Here’s my question though, and this isn’t just to Tom (because I wouldn’t want to pick on him).  No, this question goes to all the elected officials who have stood in support of this outrageous law.  Why would you spit in the face of federal law just to get votes from people who aren’t supposed to vote anyways?

It’s true that the hispanic population in Baltimore County is on the rise, but not all hispanics stand in support of illegal immigration.  Most of them fought hard to come here under legal pretenses.  Why support those who want a free ride?

I will say this, nearly 40% of the total support for the referendum movement has come from Baltimore County.  At this point, the petition signers almost outnumber the latino population.  And those numbers are only going to grow.  So even if Tom is choosing the road less traveled to garner votes, I’m thinking, in the end, it might backfire.

Now, supporters will come up with all kinds of sob stories in support of this legislation.  I know, I’ve heard them at the State House.  It’s a human rights issue and these poor innocent immigrants (who are here illegally) are suffering at the hand of Big Brother.

Yes, it’s sad.  But let’s just say we give them this subsidized education.  Then what?  What will they do with their citizen paid degree?  They can’t legally work here, so what kind of career can they possibly esteem too?

No worries, I’m sure the Maryland General Assembly will answer those questions sooner or later in the form of another piece of law breaking legislation.

Friends, if you don’t do another thing this year politically, sign the petition.  We need 56,000 signatures by June 30.  We’ve made it through the first hurdle at the end of May, but we need to keep up the pace.

It’s imperative that this bill go before the people because we’re confident that it will be overturned.  It’s up to us to send the message.

This is not a Republican issue.  Many Democrats across the state have joined in the efforts, including three of our County Council members.  I have to say that I’m proud of my council.  It takes guts to stand up against the mainstream of your own party.

To sign the petition, go to


Right or Wrong? You Decide

So, what do you think?  Is this guy a racist, patriot, or something else?

Get Involved: Testify in Annapolis March 3

We have an opportunity to testify on Wednesday March 3, 2010, 1PM in Annapolis on E-Verify Legislation.  It is important to note that this bill has bipartisan support – Republicans and Democrats working together to preserve jobs for Maryland citizens.  If you do testify, please keep your statement “on the table” so to speak.  No need to bash Hispanic illegal aliens, CASA de Maryland, ACLU, Catholic Charities and their ilk.

The economy, foreclosure and employment situation in Maryland is so bad that most delegates, outside of Montgomery and PG Counties are getting the message that we need to maintain and create jobs for citizens.  E-Verify is an important step in the process of re-employing taxpaying citizens.

Be polite and to the point in your testimony.  Thank the bill sponsors.  However, do take names of those elected officials that challenge the bill and treat testifying citizens poorly.  We are taking precious time away from our  jobs to testify and deserve respect.  With a smile on your face, remind problem delegates that you are with Help Save Maryland and that its an election year.

Have fun and be part of the process!  Can’t make it to Annapolis Weds?  Call or e-mail Committee members.

More hearing are scheduled for next week as well.  Help Save Maryland!

Get Involved: Serve or Be Served?!?

I know this isn’t in our district, but the implications are far reaching.  Illegal immigration is a huge problem through out Maryland and the United States as a whole.  It seems that they have more rights than we do.  And our government makes it even harder to combat this intrusion on our society.  They set up havens for illegals to find work and obtain access to welfare, education and medical assistance.  What do we get in exchange?  How about higher crime rates, gang activity, and increased taxes?

Here we have an American citizen, a protector of the peace, being sued by an illegal alien for $1 million.  Okay, the illegal is actually suing the Frederick County, but still.  Does this only sound backwards to me?  Sheriff Chuck Jenkins is literally being sued by a criminal for doing his job.

This Thursday, a group of concerned citizens from all over the state will be gathering in Frederick to rally support for Sheriff Jenkins and the Frederick County police force.

Here are the details.

What: Rally for Chuck Jenkins, not a protest
When: Thursday, November 19 th 2009
Time: 3:00-6:00
Barley & Hops parking lot, on Rte. 355 near Target.  WFMD 930 AM will be broadcasting live.

For More Information, Contact:

Brett Bidle

Vice Chairman Frederick Teenage Republicans

6th District Coordinator FreedomWorks of Maryland