Baltimore County Council Stands Against the Dream Act (Well, Mostly)

On Wednesday, five of the seven Baltimore Council members not only pledged their support for the movement to bring the Dream Act (aka In-state Tuition for Illegal Immigrants) to referendum, but they also signed a letter urging county residents to sign the petition.  Republicans David Marks & Todd Huff, along with Democrats Bevins, Amman, and Olzewski committed their support in ink.

Sadly, missing from the mix was our very own Tom Quirk and our northern neighbor, Ken Oliver.  Does anyone want to garner a guess as to why Quirk would choose to remain in the minority and go against the rest of the council to stand by such an unlawful piece of legislation?

It’s curious to me that UMBC and CCBC just happen to reside in the 1st district.  We know from testimony in Annapolis that many colleges and universities from around the state were in favor of such legislation.  I’m not saying that UMBC and CCBC have in fact come out in support of the law, but I am saying that it’s a bit of a red herring.

Here’s my question though, and this isn’t just to Tom (because I wouldn’t want to pick on him).  No, this question goes to all the elected officials who have stood in support of this outrageous law.  Why would you spit in the face of federal law just to get votes from people who aren’t supposed to vote anyways?

It’s true that the hispanic population in Baltimore County is on the rise, but not all hispanics stand in support of illegal immigration.  Most of them fought hard to come here under legal pretenses.  Why support those who want a free ride?

I will say this, nearly 40% of the total support for the referendum movement has come from Baltimore County.  At this point, the petition signers almost outnumber the latino population.  And those numbers are only going to grow.  So even if Tom is choosing the road less traveled to garner votes, I’m thinking, in the end, it might backfire.

Now, supporters will come up with all kinds of sob stories in support of this legislation.  I know, I’ve heard them at the State House.  It’s a human rights issue and these poor innocent immigrants (who are here illegally) are suffering at the hand of Big Brother.

Yes, it’s sad.  But let’s just say we give them this subsidized education.  Then what?  What will they do with their citizen paid degree?  They can’t legally work here, so what kind of career can they possibly esteem too?

No worries, I’m sure the Maryland General Assembly will answer those questions sooner or later in the form of another piece of law breaking legislation.

Friends, if you don’t do another thing this year politically, sign the petition.  We need 56,000 signatures by June 30.  We’ve made it through the first hurdle at the end of May, but we need to keep up the pace.

It’s imperative that this bill go before the people because we’re confident that it will be overturned.  It’s up to us to send the message.

This is not a Republican issue.  Many Democrats across the state have joined in the efforts, including three of our County Council members.  I have to say that I’m proud of my council.  It takes guts to stand up against the mainstream of your own party.

To sign the petition, go to


Here’s to New Beginnings

The House of Delegates building in Annapolis

Well, the beginning of the semester draws near again and I am gearing up to immerse myself into the stressful yet fulfilling routine of studying, cramming, and binge snacking once again. It sounds like the beginning of any old second-semester for the average sophomore in college, right? Well, this semester is different because this time I will be working two days out of the week at the Maryland General Assembly for the most Honorable Delegate Susan McComas, District 35B.

Although the session has already started and I have been up a few times already, I haven’t gotten the opportunity to fill you all in on the excitement. I know Hillary has told you about her wonderful new job with State Senator J.B. Jennings, so I wanted to inform you that you have another friend working in Annapolis this 2011 session.

This semester, I have the opportunity to not only work with an upstanding Republican lawmaker in Annapolis, but I have the chance to experience possibly the most exciting part of politics – lawmaking on the state level – while receiving credit! I applied for a program with UMBC’s Political Science department that would allow me to work, get a small but decent stipend, and receive upper-level credit, not to mention the fact that it is usually reserved for juniors and seniors! Needless to say, I am completely thrilled to have this opportunity and cannot wait to share more about it with you.

This session is going to be very important. Already dozens and dozens of bills are in the works down in Crabtown (what the natives call the beautiful city of Annapolis), all of which deal with pertinent and life-affecting legislation. Some of the big ones are, as always, the budget, which includes almost $1 billion in cuts and an “Invest Maryland” plan that would invest an estimated $100 million in small business and life sciences. The other prominent issue already introduced in bills is “marriage equality” within Maryland and whether or not it should be recognized.

Working in Annapolis gives both Hillary and I and the countless others the opportunity to see the action unfolding almost immediately. We also have the unique opportunity to share much of that excitement with you all via our blogs. But it does not stop there. Annapolis is a short skip and a hop from Baltimore and the senators and delegates are always happy to communicate with you and hear what you have to say regarding the issues that you are most passionate about.

So as I get ready to head back up to Baltimore after about a month in Southern Maryland, I am also about to dive head first into this internship where I will be learning so much about state level politics. I look forward to sharing with you my experiences as the semester and the session go on. See you all again soon!

Let the Maryland conservative grassroots movement begin!

Don Irvine, Chairman of Accuracy in Media

Maryland Young Americans for Freedom hosted a meeting on Saturday at the Stained Glass Pub in Glenmont where YAF affiliates from national and local conservative groups met to discuss the future of Maryland and the importance of grassroots movements like ours.

Key speakers during the meeting included Don Irvine, Chairman of Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia; Brendan Madigan, former Conservative Republican candidate for Comptroller in 2010; Sam Hale, candidate for Maryland State Chair; Jordan Marks, Executive Director of Young Americans for Freedom; and Tonya Tiffany, who spoke to us about the Maryland Conservative Action Network.

Young Americans for Freedom celebrated its 50th birthday this

YAF MD State Chair Adam Cassandra

year, but it is just getting started in Maryland. YAF State Chair Adam Cassandra spoke about the future of YAF in Maryland, and how we are really working on starting chapters in both high school and college campuses. We are in the midst of starting our own chapter at UMBC and are looking forward to providing students on our liberally-drenched campus with an outlet for their conservative opinions.

Part of the grassroots conservative effort has to do with communication. It is crucial for different groups to have some sort of unity in order to spread the word. Tonya Tiffany brought our attention to the Maryland Conservative Action Network, which provides the opportunity for different groups to coordinate ideas and events in order to get the information and ideas to everyone in the most effective way. There is an Inaugural Conference event on January 8th at the Doubletree Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland, from 9:00am – 5:00pm during which Charles Lollar and numerous other outstanding conservative figures will be speaking about this wonderful opportunity. Please register ahead of time for $40 in order to guarantee a spot. Otherwise, it is $50 at the door. More information can be found at the MD CAN blog:

Jordan Marks, Executive Director of YAF

It can often be discouraging to be anything other than a Democrat or liberal in this deep-blue state in which it is nearly impossible to get a Republican elected, which was seen all-too-clearly in the 2010 elections. That is why Maryland needs this grassroots conservative movement to motivate citizens on principle and progress on the foundations that make this country great. Jordan Marks, Executive Director of Young Americans for Freedom, stated his desires, which are certainly shared by everyone by conservative Marylanders everywhere: “I would love to see Maryland get taken over from the bottom.” This is the epitome of grassroots, and it all starts with you and me.

What about “Young Americans for Freedom”?

It’s no secret that the state of Maryland is the deepest of blues as far as political parties are concerned. For this reason, it is nearly impossible to have any red candidates elected in the metropolitan area and surrounding, which is where 2/3rds of the state’s population is located.

That is why there is such a need for the strong presence of Young Americans for Freedom within this state, particularly on college campuses. There is a certain stigma associated with the name “Republican,” causing people to turn away from it regardless of principle. Recently, this political party has lost its clout nationally, largely due to the fact that citizens in Maryland are unaware of what Republicans – or conservatives, libertarians, etc. – really stand for.

Young Americans for Freedom helps bridge this large gap while helping young people understand what they really believe. YAF’s mission is to instill in young people all over the nation the values and principles on which this nation was founded while keeping it fun and interesting. It helps to remove the focus from the two-party divide to focus on the principles that drive our decisions.

Several notable figures are involved in the founding of Young Americans for Freedom, including Barry Goldwater, Republican nominee for president in 1964, and one of the greatest and most successful conservative presidents in United States history, Ronald Reagan. These brilliant, conservative men were at the forefront of YAF, which would not be what it is today if not for them.

Currently, UMBC is working with Maryland YAF in starting our own branch in the near future. Myself along with several students, with the support of the UMBC College Republicans leadership are looking into starting our own chapter in an effort to create a larger presence of like-minded individuals who may not realize they are like-minded but really don’t want to associate with a party.

I am personally so excited to be working with this organization. Youth in Maryland will now have an outlet from which they can gather information on issues in such a way that does not have a political party attached to it. I cannot wait to see how YAF grows in this state, and what it will do to the grassroots conservative movement among college students and young professionals!

For any of you who are interested in learning more about this amazing organization can go to their website: There is also going to be a State Meeting for the Maryland YAF branch this Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 1pm at the Stained Glass Pub next to the Glenmont metro in Silver Spring. Please come if you want to learn more about how Young Americans for Freedom is looking to grow within Maryland.

Get Involved: AFP December Meeting

Yes, the election is over, but that doesn’t mean you get to drop of the face of the earth for three years.  That goes for you too, Mr. Hooe.   We have to stay fresh, educated and involved.  If you’re free on December 2, or even if you have to reschedule dinner with your Aunt Gertrude, I’d highly reccommend the trek up to Towson for this AFP Meeting.  The topic of discussion will be redistricting.  This is a huge threat state and countywide for conservatives.  As if the state isn’t blue enough, right?  Greedy, power hungry douchebags.

And if you are going, let me know.  I’d love to have someone take some notes and pictures so we can report about it here on the blog.  Unfortunately I have plans that night, so yes, I’m trying to con one of your avid readers into doing my dirty work.  Sue me.  Hey, I’d give full credit to my source.  I’m not that kind of girl, peeps.

Regardless of whether you’re willing to be my eyes and ears, just go.  The AFP are a driving force for conservatives in Maryland.


December Meeting

Americans for Prosperity Baltimore County

DATE: December 2nd

TIME: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

LOCATION: Towson Library

320 York Road
Towson, Maryland 21204-5179

We will be discussing re-districting!!!!

~What Maryland Congressional Districts may look like after the Governor finishes carving~

The Picture of One Party Rule!

Also; the new look of the Baltimore County Council, and our strategy of how we will inform them that we have the flame and we will be holding it to their feet. It’s time to push for full reform of the pension system and term limits. Join Us !!!

Rangel Him Up and Send Him Home

It’s not often that we reach outside of the state of Maryland for stories.  Believe me, there is plenty to talk about within the confines of this so-blue-it’s-almost-black state, but given our recent posts on corruption and scandal among politicians, I thought it appropriate to comment on today’s events.

This morning, an eight person House Ethics panel found New York’s 20-term congressman, Charlie Rangel, guilty on 11 of the 13 financial and fundraising misconduct counts against him.  Now they must decide his punishment.   Here are some of the possible sanctions: a House vote deploring his actions, a fine, and denial of privileges.  Seriously?  That’s it?  You mean he gets to keep his job?  I bet the people of New York’s 15th District are overflowing with pride right now.  Wait a second, maybe they actually are considering they just reelected this man to office on November 2.  It’s a sad day for America when criminals can garner 80% of the flipping vote.  Literally, I’m sick to my stomach.

So did Charlie Rangel just decide to go the way of corruption?  Did he come to a fork in the road and choose the one less traveled by?  I think not.  The guy’s been in office for 40 years, long enough to figure out loop holes, strong arm nay-sayers, and pretty much develop such an ego that he feels he’s above it all. It’s actually amazing to me that it took them this long to actually catch the idiot.

The House Democrats should really be ashamed of themselves.  They purposefully held off this hearing until after the mid-term elections.  What was that thing we kept hearing about – transparency?  Hhmmm, haven’t seen much of that from Pelosi and her lackeys.  Here we have a man who should be behind bars and yet he’s going to get a slap on the hand and sent back to work.  So what if he gets fined?  He’ll just pull it from his vast reserves of undocumented money.  And privileges?  Sure it will suck for a while, but the man still gets a vote.  Corrupt politicians don’t care about disgrace.  It’s a small price to pay for power, right?

Rangel didn’t even show up for his trial.  Nope, I take that back.  He did show up, then walked out after the panel denied him a continuance because he could no longer afford his council.  Interesting?  You mean he didn’t save some of the money he was hiding from the IRS.  You’d think that in all that money he saved from tax evasion, he’d have something stored up for his own defense.  And what did he expect…a public defender?  It’s like these people don’t even live in reality.  If I was accused of crime, not only would there be criminal ramifications such as incarceration or probation, but the rest of my life would suffer.  As a small business owner, my credibility would be questioned and my business would most likely fall apart.  Who would trust me with their money if I were a convicted criminal?  I wouldn’t, and yet there’s this 20-flippin-term congressman in New York who not only violated the ethics of Congress, he broke the freaking law.  The man should be impeached, if that’s even possible, and sent home.


County Executive Johnson and wife arrested

We are all familiar with, and are unfortunately becoming all too used to, the scandal that comes with the occasional indiscreet or corrupt politician, whether it be financial, sexual, or otherwise immoral. But for the most part, these scandals are mostly seen at the national level. For example, Bill Clinton and his extra-marital affair, Tim Geithner and his tax cheating, and Elliot Spitzer and his extra-curricular activities. So it may come as no surprise to hear about the arrest of two local elected officials in neighboring Prince George’s County.

County Executive Jack Johnson, Democrat, and his wife, Leslie Johnson, who was recently elected to the County Council, were arrested at their home on November 12 and are being charged with tampering with and destroying evidence pertaining to a federal investigation. This investigation, which has been going on for 5 years, is looking into real estate investors who allegedly have given elected officials monetary rewards for political and personal favors.

According to an article in USA Today, FBI agents heard a recorded phone conversation between Jack Johnson and wife Leslie which took place immediately after the agents had knocked on the Johnson family’s door. Mr. Johnson was recorded ordering his wife to flush what is believed to be a check down the toilet and to hide almost $80,000 in her underwear, according to the affidavit.

Currently, the Johnson’s both claim to be innocent of all charges. Though they were both released that day, Jack Johnson is currently on electronic home detention. Both could face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

One cannot help but notice the irony in the timing of all this scandal. Even though Maryland bucked the trends of the nation-wide Democratic-ousting, this recent scandal involving two Democratic public officials – he on his way out of his second term and she having just been elected – is alarming and troubling to say the least. Is this what is to be expected from Maryland’s majority party? This story is still unfolding but it will be interesting to see how these two politicians fair in the coming weeks.